Pararaton (Part 8)

Pararaton Chapter 9
Sri Ratu (Queen) in Kahuripan became king in 1250. Sri Ratu of Kahuripan had 3 children : Batara Prabu, alias Seri Hayam Wuruk, Raden Tetep, his nickname when playing hide and seek, Dalang Tritaraju, if he plays wayang and comical action:  Gagak Ketawang, in Siva adherent : Mpu Janeswara and his coronation name was Seri Rajasa Nagara, as king : Seri Baginda Sang Hyang Wekasing Suka. His sister married to Raden larang, known as Baginda di Matahun, did not have children, his youngest sibling was Seri Ratu in Pajang, married to Raden Sumana, alias Baginda in Paguhan, was the cousin of Seri Ratu in Kahuripan. Baginda’s wife was temple-ized in Sajabung, the official name of the temple was Bajra Jina Parimita Pura.

Later is Sadeng incident. Tadah, patih of Mangkubumi was sick, and suddenly could not make official appearance, and he asked the king to resign and it was not granted by Seri Ratu in Kahuripan, Arya Tadah returned home, and called Gajah Mada, and made discussion in the living room, Gajah Mada was asked to be patih in Majapahit, though his position was not Mangkubumi. ‘I will assist in an extraordinary event.’ Gajah Mada said ” I am not capable of being patih now, if you return from Sadeng, i would be patih, if only you would forgive my lack of ability.’ ‘Well, son, i will assist you in difficulties, and in extraordinary matters. ‘

Now Gajah Mada was more confident, to know Arya Tadah readiness. Now he went to Sadeng. Ministers araraman was lied, also patih Mangkubumi was lied, that Kembar had besieged Sadeng. Mangkubumi was angry, gave an order to minister, they are five unit, led by a bekel, each unit consisted of 5 people. Kembar was found in a forest, they stood on falling tree, swinging like riding horse while waving whip to them who asked Kembar to return and did not proceed the trip.

Message to all ministers, especially from patih Mangkubumi, asking Kembar returned, because was informed to besiege Sadeng people in the first place. Whipped in front of people asking them to return, it did not touch them as they shielded among trees, Kembar then said ‘No one is listened by Kembar, even in war no one obey your master.’. Who ordered to ask Kembar to return went, and informed all said by Kembar.

Gajah Mada did not say a word, he felt he was mocked, Sadeng people were besieged. Tuhan Waruju was Dewa Putra from Pamelekahan, if make sound of whip, heard to the sky, Majapahit people were surprised. After Sinuhun came, and defeated Sadeng, Tanca and Sadeng incident happened in 3 years difference, in 1256. After Kembar returned to Sadeng then became bekel araman, Gajah Mada became Angabehi. Jaran Baya, Jalu, Demang Bucang, Gagak Nunge, Jenar and Arya Rahu got promotion, Lembu Peteng became Tumenggung. Gajah Mada became Patih Mangkubumi, did not want to rest, Gajah Mada asid ‘If islands outside Majapahit are conquered, i will rest, later if Gurun, Seran, Tanjung Pura, Haru, Pahang, Dompo, Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik, i will enjoy rest.’ In that time ministers were all there making official appearance in hall. Kembar mocked Gajah Mada by mentioning his mistakes and lack, and spilling something, Ra Banyak added reproaches. Jabung Trewes, Lembu Peteng laughed. Gajah Mada told this to Kahuripan, the king was angry, anger and humiliation were complied to Arya Tadah. Kembar sin was much, Warak was eliminated, they all died.

Pararaton Chapter 10
Further, after incident of Sundanese in Bubat. The King wanted Sundanese princess. Patih Madu was ordered to pass request to Sundanese, Sundanese did not mind for the marriage. King of Sunda came to Majapahit, but he did not bring her daughter. Sundanese decided to war, this was the agreement, as as patih of Majapahit did mind if the wedding held with official celebration, he wanted the princess became a tribute. Sundanese did not agree. Gajah Mada reported Sundanese gesture. Wengker king said his readiness ‘Do not worry, brother, i will fight in this war.’ Gajah Mada informed Sundanese gestures, then Majapahit people gathered, and besieged Sundanese.’

Sundanese would like to dedicate the princess, but not allowed by royals, they were ready to die in war in Bubat, never give up, will risk their blood. The readiness of Sundanese royal ran the blood of spirited officials in Sunda side : larang Agung, Tuhan Sohan, Tuhan Gempong, Panji Melong, Tobong Barang men, Rangga Cahot, Tuhan Usus, Tuhan Sohan, Pangulu men , Orang Saja, Rangga Kaweni, Siring men, Satrajali, Jagadsaja, all Sundanese yelled mixed with sound of bendhe, the cheer was like thunder.

Prabu Maharaja died first, fell with Tuhan Usus. Seri Baginda Parameswara went to Bubat, he did not know that Sundanese who were still alive, royals, the leaders then attacked, Majapahit was destroyed. While who fight and resistance were Arya Sentong, Patih Gowi, Patih Marga Lewih, Patih Teteg, Jaran Baya. All araman ministers fought by horse, Sundanese was recessive and then attack southward and westward towards Gajah Mada, each Sundanese arrived in front of the carriage died, blood was like sea, bodies were like mountain, Sundaneses were distructed, no one left, in 1279.

Sundanese incident coincided with Dompo incident. Now Gajah Mada enjoyed rest, eleven years became Mangkubumi. As the Sundanese princess died, then Batara Prabu married to daughter of Prameswara: Sori, from that marriage born a daughter Seri Ratu in Lasem, Sang Ayu from his marriage with other wife, born the king of Wirabhumi, who was adopted by queen in Daha.

Queen in Pajang had 3 children : Hyang Wisesa, his knight name was Raden Gagak Sali, his name was King Aji Wikrama, married to queen in lasen : Sang Ayu, and had a son: Wekasing Suka, and the second child was a daughter Seri ratu in lasem Sang Alemu, married to king of Wirabumi, and the third child was also a woman, became queen in Kahuripan. There was other child of king of Tumapel, his knight name was Raden Sotor, became hino in Kahuripan and then moved to be hino in Daha, and later Hino in Majapahit, and has a son : raden Sumirat, married to queen in Kahuripan and became king known as king in Pandan Salas. And then there was ancestor ceremony called as Srada Agung in 1284.

Gajah Mada died in 1290, for 3 years there was none replaced him as patih. Gajah Enggon became patih in 1293. The queen of Daha died and then temple-ized in Adilangu, the official name of the temple was Gunung Purwawisesa. Queen of Kahuripan died, and temple-ized in panggih, the official name of the temple was Gunung Pantarapura.

Later a new mountain inciden happened in 1208. Then volcano eruption on Madiasa week, 1307. king of Tumapel died in Suniyalaya in 108, and temple-ized in Japan, the official name of the temple was Sarwa Jaya Pura.

Hyang Wisesa had children:
1. King of Tumapel
2. A woman: Seri Ratu Prabu-stri, and later  having coronation name Dewi Suhita.
3. The youngest boy was king of Tumapel or Sri Kerta Rajasa in Pandan salas had children :

-King of Koripan alias Hyang Prameswara, his coronation name was Aji Ratna Pangkaja, married to Seri Ratu Prabu-stri, and did not have children
-A woman, queen in Mataram, married to Hyang Wisesa
-A woman,queen in lasem married to king of tumapel
-another woman, queen in Matahun.

King of Tumapel had a son, became king of Wengker, married to queen in mataun, the second child became king in Paguhan, the third child from the young wife, a daughter: Queen in Jagaraga, married to King Prameswara, did not have child, fifth child was queen of Pajang, married to king of Paguhan,did not have child. King of Keling married to queen in Kembang Jenar. Son of king of wengker, King of Kabalan. King of paguhan had child from wife from ksatria , a daughter; queen of Singapura, married to king of Pandan Salas.

King Prameswara in Pamotan died in 1310, and temple-ized in Manyar, the official name of the temple was Wisnu Bawana Pura. Queen of Matahun passed away and temple-ized in Tigawangi, the official name of the temple was Kusuma Pura. King Sori died. Queen of pajang died and temple-ized in Embul, the official name of the temple was Girindra Pura. King of paguhan died, temple-ized in Lobencal, the official name was Parwa Tiga Pura. King Hyang Wekasing Suka, died in 1311.