Pararaton (Part 7)

Pararaton Chapter 7
Now Raden Wijaya became king in Saka year : Rasa Rupa Two Month or 1216. Later he had a son from Dara Pethak, his knight name is Raden Kalagemet. While two daughters of Batara Siwa Buddha, which were promised to Tatar, both were married by Raden Wijaya, the oldest became queen in Kahuripan and the younger became queen in Daha. The title of Raden Wijaya in that time was Sri Kertarajasa. In his period, he had swollen boils. He died in Antapura, passed away in 1257.

Pararaton Chapter 8

Raden Kalagemet replaced him to be king, his title was Batara Jayanegara. Sri Siwa Buddha was templed in Tumapel, and the official name was Purwa Patapan. The temple was built 17 years difference with Rangga Lawe incident. Rangga Lawe would be patih, but cancelled that he did rebellion in Tuban and held a alliance with his friends. Tuban people from north had been his alliance member, they concerned about Rangga lawe. Men who aggred were: Panji Marajaya, Ra Jaran Waha, Ra Arya Sidi, ra Lintang, Ra Tosan, Ra Galatik, Ra Tati, they were Rangga Lawe friends when he rebelled. The reason why he went to Majapahit, to get a position, Mahapati maligned with Rangga Lawe words ‘Do not talk to much, in Partayadnya book there are place of the cowards.’

After heard that Ranggalawe rebelled, Mahapatih informed that and king Jayanegara was angry, all Rangga Lawe’s friend in the rebellion were died, only Ra Gelatik was alive, as he was asked to turn his heart. Rangga lawe incident happened in Saka yeas : Horse Earth Wing HUman or 1217

Wiraraja excused himself to live in lamajang, which was 3 juru areas wide, as Raden Wijaya had promised to split Java island into two and rewarded south and north Lumajang valley  with 3 juru area, Wiraraja had been enjoyed that, Nambi was still patih, Sora became demung, Tipar became Tumenggung which was lower than Demung in that time.

Wiraraja did not return to Majapahit, he did not want to serve. 3 years after Rangga Lawe incident, broke Sora incident.Sora was maligned by Mahapati, and Sora was eliminated by Kebu Mundarang. in Saka year : 1222. Nambi was also maligned by Mahapati, his war service was ignored, in that time he saw the good perfect time, he excused himself to see Wiraraja who was sick. Sri Jayanegara gave him permission, only he did not lie he went too long. Nambi did not return, and stayed on valley constructing fortress. Wiraraja died. Sri Jayanegara became king for 2 years.

There was a volcano explosion, Mt Lungge in Saka year 1233. Later Juru Demung incident happened, 2 years after Sora incident. Juru Demung died in 125. Then Gajah Biru incident happened in 1236. Further Mandana incident, Jayanegara went himself to eliminate Mandana men. After that he went eastward to eliminate Nambi.

Nambi was informed if Juru Demung had died, and also guardian patih, Tumenggung Jaran Lejong, all brave ministers were died, died in war. Nambi said ‘Brother Samara, Ki Derpana, Ki Teguh, Uncle Jaran Bangkal, Ki Wirot, Ra Windan, Ra Jangkung, if we consider, the eastern men, are will never lose, moreover they are already damaged, who will be the enemy of western men, is it Jabung Trewes, Lembu Peteng or Ikal Ikalan Bang, would not be discourage, no matter thousand of them in front or at the back, i will face too as in Bubat war.’

After Majapahit people came, nambi went southward, that Ganding was broken, his badge was seized. Nambi was chased. Derpana, Samara, Wirot Made, WIndan, Jangkung started to act, especially Nambi did first assault, as if Majapahit people would be torn-off, no resistance.

Jabung Terewes, Lembu Peteng, Ikal Ikalan Bang attacked Nambi together, Nambi died, also fellows of Nambi who fought all died, rebellion in Rabut Buhayabang was ceased, eastern people tear off the honor umbrella, Lumajang was lost in Saka year Snake Bite Moon or 1238.

Wagal incident and Mandana incident were at the sane time. 2 years difference between Wagal and Lasem incident. Semi was killed, he died under cottonwoods, in Saka year : 1240.

After Ra Kuti incident, there were two groups Darmaputra Raja, they were officials given with award by king, they were 7, they were: Kuti, Ra pangsa, Ra Wedeng, Ra Yuyu, Ra Tanca, Ra Banyak. Ra Kuti and Ra Semi were killed as they were maligned by Mahapati, finally Mahapati was revealed for committing slander, he was arrested and killed like a pig, his sin would go itself to Bedander. He went at night, no one knew, only Bhayangkara members accompanied him, everyone who was coincidentally in charge when king was not there, they were 15, in that time Gajah Mada became the head of Bhayangkara and coincidentally was in charge, therefore he escorted king when the king was undercover. King stayed in Bedander long enough.

There was an official, asked permission to return home, but was not allowed by Gajah Mada, as officials escorting him was only few, but he insisted and then stabbed by Gajah Mada, he stabbed because ‘He would tell that the king stayed in village leader of Bedander, that Ra Kuti could find him. Five days later Gajah Mada ask permission to return to Majapahit. Arriving in Majapahit, Gajah Mada was asked by Amanca Negara members about the location of king, he answered that king had been taken by Kuti’s fellows. Those people cried, Gajah Mada said ‘Do not cry, you do not want to serve Ra Kuta?’ The man who asked answered ‘What are you talking about? Ra Kuti is not our master.’

Finally Gajah Mada informed them that the king was in Bedander, Gajah Mada then made an agreement with the minister, and they agreed to kill Ra Kuti, and Ra Kuti died murdered. King returned  from Bedander, the village leader was left, and later he became a famous man in that period. After the king home, Gajah Mada was not not the leader of Bhayangkara anymore, for 2 months he should leave   and had holiday, and he was promoted to be patih in Kahuripan, for two years he became patih. Arya Tilam, patih of Daha died, Gajah Mada replaced him, patih Mangkubumi Arya Tadah agreed, he was the one supporting Gajah Mada to be patih in Daha.

King Jayanegara had two sisters, from different mother, they were not allowed to marry other man, and taken by himself. In that period there were no knights in Majapahit, each time there was a stand out knight was eliminated, in case anyone wants his sisters, therefore knights hid and did not exposed. Tanca’s wife spreaded news that she was not treated well by the king. Tanca was sued by Gajah Mada. Coincidentally king Jayanegara was sick of swollen,a nd could not go out, Tanca was ordered to do surgery using spur, he went to king’s bed, king was cut by Tanca with the spur twice, but the spur did not work, then king asked him to put his amulet nearby bed, cut by Tanca, the spur worked,Tanca kept cutting, until the kind died on bed.

Tanca was killed by Gajah Mada, Tanca died. Nine years different between Kuti incident and Tanca Incident, in Saka year 1250. King was tempelized in Kapopongan, teh official name of the temple was Srenggapura, the statue was in Antawulan. In that time knights show themselves in Majapahit again. raden Cakradara was chosen in a contest to be husband of queen of Kahuripan. Raden Kuda Merta married to Daha queen. Raden Kuda Merta became king in Wengker, Sri paduka Prameswara in Pamotan, his title was Sri Wijayarajasa. The son of Raden Cakradara became king in Tumapel, his title was Sri Kertawardana.