Pararaton (Part 6)

Pararaton Chapter 6
Raden Wijaya was told going to the north, was informed that Batara Siwa Wisnu died, as Daha soldiers came down from the south, the old patih had died, everyone followed batara trace. Soon Raden Wijaya returned, with his people, ran toTumapel, did revenge, did not succeed, even the opposite, was hunted, hunted by Kebo Mundarang, raden Wijaya went up, escaped to Sawah Miring, Kebo Mundara intended to stab him with spear, Raden Wijaya kicked soil in tenggala, he stepped back while saying ‘Oh you really are a god’. Now Raden Wijaya shared red loinclothes to his men, each got one piece, he decided to run riot.

Who got the share were Sora, Rangga Lawe, Pedang, Dangdi and Gajah Sora, right away attacked, many Daha people died. Sora said ‘Now, lord, shall attack, it is the good opportunity and time’. Raden Wijaya quickly attacked, more Daha people died, the set back, in the night, finally entrenched. When it was quiet and people had slept, hunted and battered by Raden Wijaya, now Daha people were dismissed, many were stabbed by spears of their own friends, Daha people were in trouble ran. Batara Siwa Buda had two daughters, they were about to marry to Raden Wijaya, this was the intention of Batara Siwa Buda, both were thralled by Daha, the younger princess was separated to the old princess, were not in same direction when they escaped, due to confusion of Daha people, caused by Raden Wijaya’s rampage.

At night, seen camp fire of Daha was burning and by Raden Wijaya,  quickly known, that it was the older princess. Soon Raden Wijaya took her and said ‘Sora, lets rampage again to meet the young princess.’ Sora said ‘ Dont, Sir. Havent you found your sister already, how many is your crew now?’ Raden Wijaya answered ‘ Exactly.’ Sora said again ‘ Better you set back, as if you force to rampage, if it works is good, if your younger sister found, if not, we will be like termite touch light.’ Now they set back, they carry the princess, the whole night they walk northward, the next day were chased by Daha people, and got them an the south of Lake Pager. They alternately stand at the back, to fight, to stop Daha people.

Gajah Pagon was stucked by a spear on his thigh, but he could walk still. Raden Wijaya asked ‘Gajah pagon,can you still walk? if not, let us all together rampage.’. ‘I can walk, Sir, only slowly.’ Daha people did not after them seriously, and they returned to Talaga Pager. Raden Wijaya went and out of bush like forest chicken, and his crews accompanied him, alternately carry the princess.

Finally his crews discussed, talking about Raden Wijaya situation. After the discussion finished, all of his men said ‘Lord, my bow from all of us, who will you who in and out of bush like forest chicken, in our opinion, you had better go to East Madura, to get sanctuary to Wiraraja that he would help you, it is impossible that he did not give you protection, as he became great man for the favor of your father.’

Raden said ‘It is good if he would help me, if not i will feel embarrassed.’ Sora, Rangga Lawe and Nambi spoke together ‘How can Wiraraja turn his face from you.’. That was why Raden Wijaya followed his men. They got out of the forest, arrived in pandakan, and leave for the oldest man in pandakan, Macankuping. Raden Wijaya asked for young coconut, after given, and drank the water, and when he cut it, the content was rice. He was mesmerized seeing this. People said ‘ It is odd, there is no young coconut with rice inside.’ Gajah pagon could not walk anymore, said Raden Wijaya ‘Pandakan leader, i want to leave a man, Gajah Pagon could not walk, he better stayed with you.’ The Pandakan man said ‘ Oh Sir, that will be no good if Gajah Pagon found here, impossible Pandakan people will agree with your will, let him stay in a hut in forest, in farm where people collect reed, i am in Pandakan will give him food everyday.’ Gajah pagon then left, raden Wijaya went to Datar, at night. Arriving in Datar, he went by boat. Daha soldiers returned home. The young princess was taken, brought to Daha, and dedicated to KIng Jaya Katong. He was glad to be informed that Batara Siva Buda died. Raden Wijaya crossed northward, and deboard on Sungeneg border, stayed overnight in the middle of sawah which was brushed, the dike was thin. Sora then laid down in prone position, Raden Wijaya and the princess sat on him. In the morning continue the journey to Sungeneb, rested in a long gazebo, the men was ordered to look around, if Wiraraja was sitting in a meeting in front of his men. The Men returned, and reported that Wiraraja was in meeting with his men. Raden Wijaya went to the place where Wiraraja was in meeting, Wiraraja was surprised to see Raden, he went down, and entered the house, and the men in the meeting were dismissed. Raden Wijaya said to Sora and Ranggalawe , ‘Nah, what did i say? I am so embarrassed, better i died rampaged the other day.’. He returned to balai panjang (long gazebo) and Wiraraja came to him with all people living in his house, especially his wide, brought beetle leave and pinang. Ranggalawe said ‘Well, Sir, isn’t that Wiraraja coming to meet you.’ Raden Wijaya was happy. The adipati dedicated beetle leaves  to Raden Wijaya. Wiraraja asked Raden Wijaya to come to his house.  The princess rode horse carriage, Wiraraja’s wife  walked, escorting her, and Wiraraja escorting Raden Wijaya. After arriving at the house where Wiraraja sleep, Raden Wijaya stayed in the second room outside, he told about how The Batara died when he was drinking liquor, and how he went rampage to Daha people. Wiraraja said ‘Now, what do you wish?’. Raden WIjaya answered ‘ I ask for your partnership, if only you have some compassion.’. Wiraraja bowed. ‘ Do not worry, only you should act slowly’. Wiraraja then dedicated a taxtile, belt and under textile, brought by his wives, especially his first wife. Raden said ‘ Father Wiraraja, i owed you big time, if i gain my goal, i will split Java, you should enjoy the half and i do the half.’ Wiraraja said ‘It is up to you, as long as you can be a king.’

That was Raden Wijaya’s promise to Wiraraja. Very good hospitality of Wiraraja  toward Raden Wijaya, everyday dedicated foods, no need to mention how he served liquor. Raden Wijaya stayed for quite long in Sungeneb. Arya Wiraraja said ‘My Lord, i have strategy, you shall go to king Jaya Katong  to serve him and apologize with obedience words, if king Jaya Katong did not mind, right away you move to stay in Daha, if you are well trusted, ask for Terik forest to King Jaya Katong, and build a village there, your men from Madura will cut the forest to be village, place where your Madura men can  make appearance for you closer. The purpose you serve in order to see Jaya Katong’s men, who are loyal, brave, smart, especially you should find out the character of Kebo Mundarang. After all that could be measured, shall you excuse to move to Terik forest which has been changed to be village by the Madura men, and other necessity,and if there are men from Tumapel want to serve you again, you shall accept, even men from Daha, if they look for your protection, you shall protect, if all that finished, then Daha soldiers are under your control. Now i am sending a letter to king Jaya Katong.’

The messenger crossed southward, came before king Jaya Katong, and dedicated the letter. ‘My Lord,   i would like to inform you, that your grandson asked for mercy, wanted to obey you, kindly consider,  you can decide to grant or not his will.’ King Jaya Katong said ‘Why would we not be happy if Arsa Wijaya will serveus?’ :Later he asked the messenger to comply his words.

After the messenger came then gave the order. The letter was read in front of raden WIjaya and Wiraraja. Wiraraja was happy. Soon Raden Wijaya returned to Java, escorted by his men, and accompanied by Madurese, and Wiraraja accompanied back to Terung. After arriving in Daha, he calmly meet Jaya Katong, and was loved.

When he came to Daha, it was coincidence with Galungan, his men were asked by king to take part in a match, ministers of Daha were surprised as those men were good especially Sora, Rangga Lawe, Nambi, Pedang, and Dangdi, together they went to match arena in Manguntur , Daha. Ministers from Daha now turned to run, among the primary soldiers were : Panglet, Mahisa Rubuh and Patih Kebo Mundarang, three of them could be defeated, they ran less fast than Rangga Lawe and Sora. Overtime king Jaya Katong held stabbing contest. ‘My son Arsa Wijaya, you should participate in stabbling contest, we want to see, our ministers will fight against you.’.  Raden Wijaya answered ‘Yes Lord.’ Then they did the stabbing match, sounds noises, the audience was full, no more spase, king Jaya Katong people were often forced to flee.

King Jaya Katong said ‘Ask Arsa Wijaya, do not participate, who dares to face the master.’ Raden Wijaya quit, and now the stabbing match was balance, they ran after each other, later Sora moved toward Kebo Mundarang, Rangga Lawe toward Panglet and Nambi toward Mahisa Rubuh, finally Daha’s ministers forced to flee facing Raden Wijaya’s men, no one gave revenge, and then dismissed.

Now Raden Wijaya had seen, that Daha’s ministers could be defeated by his men. Then he sent letter to Wiraraja, and Wiraraja sent message, that Raden Wijaya asked for Tarik forest. King Jaya Katong granted that. This was the history of village in Terik village. When the village building was on process, there was someone in hunger as he cut the forest, he ate maja fruit, it was bitter, he threw all maja fruit he picked, popular as maja fruit with bitter (pahit) taste, the place then was called as Majapahit. Raden Wijaya had calculated Daha’s situation. Majapahit was then a village. Wiraraja’s men were making contact with Daha, rested in Majapahit. WIraraja sent message to Raden Wijaya, how to excuse himself from king Jaya Katong. After Raden Wijaya asked for permission to move to Majapahit, king Jaya Katong granted, careless for his love and for Raden Wijaya’s skill serving him, as it was very genuine. After Raden Wijaya moved to Majapahit, then he informed Wiraraja, that Daha’s ministers had been controled by him and his men.

Raden Wijaya suggested Wiraraja to attack Daha, Wiraraja held, said to his messenger ‘Do not be in a ruch, there is another strategy, messenger, say to your lord that i have relationship with Tatar king, he would be offered with a royal princess, now you return to Majapahit now. As you leave i will send letter to Tatar. I have boat, i will order it to go to Tatar, to persuade them to attack Daha. If king Daha has lost, then the whole Java is invincible, that can be owned by king Tatar, this is my trick. You shall inform the prince that the king could join to defeat Daha.’ The messenger returned to Majapahit, Raden Wijaya was glad to be informed with Wiraraja’s message.

After the messenger returned, Wiraraja sent messenger to Tatar. Wiraraja moved to Majapahit with everyone in his house and brought soldiers from Madura, they are good Madurese men brought with the weapons.

After the messenger from Tatar arrived, then attacked Daha. Tatar soldiers came from the north, Madura and Majapahit soldiers came from the east, king Jaya Katong was confused, did not know which direction should be guarded. When attacked massively from north by tatar soldiers, Kebo Mundarang, Panglet and Mahisa Rubuh guarded the east. Panglet was killed by Sora, Kebo Rubuh was killed by Nambi, Kebo Mundarang met Rangga Lawe, Kebo Mundarang forced to flee and caught at Trinipati valley, and finally killed by Rangga Lawe. Kebo Mundarang instructed Rangga Lawe ‘Hey Rangga Lawe, i have a daughter, she should be taken by KI Sora for her braveness. ‘

King Jaya Katong fought to the north, carrying shield, attacked by Tatar people, finally caught and imprisoned by Tatar. Raden Wijaya then entered Daha palace, to flee the young princess, and brought her to Majapahit. Arriving in Majapahit, Tatar came to ask for royal princess, as Wiraraja had agree, if Daha lost, would give two royal princess from Tumapel, both of them. The ministers were disoriented to find other agreement, Sora said ‘Nah, i would rampage if Tatar people come here.’ Wiraraja answered ‘ Acrually Sorra, i have another trick.’ Then they seek for other agreement that was discussed by ministers. Sora agreed. ‘It was nothing to rampage Tatar people.’. In the afternoon, when the sun set to the west, Tatar people came for royal princesses. Wiraraja answered ‘Hey all Tatar, do not be in hurry, the princess are still sad, as worrying seeing soldiers when Tumapel lost, moreover when Daha lost, was afraid seeing sharp weapons. Tomorrow morning they will be handed down to you, places in box, carried and decorated with textile, and carried to your boat, they are placed in box as the do not want to see sharp weapons, and Tatar men who accept the royal princesses  should be ugly Tatar men, but handsome tatar may not bring friends, as that was the words of the royal princesses, if they see sharp things, though they arrive on boat, they will jump the the water, isn’t it going to be useless, that you risk your life if the princesses jump to the water.’ Tatar men trusted, manupulated. One of Tatar said ‘You are very true.’

When the time had come to give up the royal princesses, tatar men came to ask for the royal princesses, no one brough sharp weapons. After they entered Bhayangkara door, Tatar people were closed by door, locked from outside and from inside. Sora had slipped  keris in his thigh. Suddenly Tatar people were rampage by Sora, all killed. Rangga Lawe rampaged them who were outside balai, run after wherever they ran, to Canggu estuary, chased and killed. .

ABout 10 days later, they went for war, came from Malay, got two princesses, one was married by Raden Wijaya, her name was Dara Pethak, while the older was Dara Jingga, married to someone named Dewa, gave birth to a son, became king in Malay, his name was Tuhan Janaka, his title was Sri Warmadewa or King Mantrolot. The Malay and Tumapel incidents were in coincidence to Saka year : Pendeta Songo Samadhi ( Nine priests meditate) or 1197. King Katong went to throne in Daha in Saka year : Ulo Muka Dara Tunggal (Snake Face Pigeon One)  or 1198. AFter king Katong came to Junggaluh he wrote kidung Wukir Polaman, after creating it he died.