Pararaton (Part 4)

After Tunggul Ametung was home from mingling with his wife, Ken Angrok told Dang Hyang Lohgawe, he said ‘Father Dang Hyang, there was a woman whose secret is shining, what kind of sign that kind of woman is, is it a good or bad sign?’. Dang Hyang answered ‘Who is that, Son?’ Ken Angrok said ‘Father, there is a woman, i saw her secret coincidentally’. Dang Hyang said ‘ If there is a woman like that, Son, that waman is Nawiswari, she is an ultimatum woman, Son, it is sinful to marry that woman, will be a maharaja’ . Ken Angrok silenced and said ‘Father Dang Hyang, the woman who has  shining secret is the wife of akuwu in Tumapel, if i shall kill akuwu and took his wife, he would die, that if you agree’.

Answered Dang Hyang ‘ Yes, sure, Son, Tunggul Ametung would die, only it is not proper to give you permission, that was not the deed of a priest, the limit is your will.’. Ken Angrok said ‘If so, Father, may you excuse me.’. The Brahman answered ‘Where are you going Son?’ Ken ANgrok answered ‘I am going to karuman, there is a gambbler who said having son named bango Samparan, he loves me, i will ask for his consideration, maybe he would agree’. Dang Hyang said ‘Alright then, do not be too long staying in Karuman.’ Ken Angrok left Tumapel, arriving in Karuman, he met Bango Samparan ‘Where did you come out from, long time did not come to me, just like a dream meeting you after long time you left’. Ken Angrok answered ‘I was in Tumapel, Fathte, i serve the akuwu. This is why i come to you, the akuwu’s wife, got of from carriage, her secret was seen, it was shiny seen by me. There was a Brahman from Java, Dang Hyang Lohgawe, he admitted me as his son, i asked him ‘What is the name for woman who has shiny secret.; and the brahman said it was ardana reswari woman, thois is a good sign, as whoever could take her as wife will be king’. Father Bango, i want to be a king, I will kill Tunggul Ametung, i will take his wife, that i can be a king, i ask permission to father Dang Hyang, Dang Hyang said’ Angrok, my son, a Brahman could not give permission for someone to take someone  else’s wife, the limit is your will.’ So i came to see Father Bango, to ask for your permission, i will kill akuwu secretly, sure akuwu will be dead by me’. Bango Samparan answered ‘Well, if so, i give you permission, that you stab Tunggul Ametung with keris and take his wife, but my son Angrok, akuwu is powerful, maybe he can not be injured, if you stab him with less powerful keris. I have a friend, a keris maker in Lulumbang, Mpu Gandring, keris made by him is powerful, no need to stab twice, you shall ask him to make keris, if the kris finished you shall kill Tunggul Ametung secretly’

That was Bango Samparan message to Ken Angrok. Ken ANgrok said ‘Let me excuse my self from you Father, will go to Lulumbang’. He left Karuman , then to Lulumbang, met Gandring who was working in his workshop. Ken Angrok came and asked him ‘ Is it you Mpu Gandring, can you make me a kris in 5 months, i have something to do.’ Mpu Gandring said ‘Not 5 months, if you want a good one, about one year it will finish, will be good and the forge is perfect’. Ken Angrok said ‘Well, how you will make it, only, it should finish within 5 months’ . Ken Angrok left Lulumbang, to Tumapel and met Dang Hyang Lohgawe, asked Ken Angrok ‘ Why you took so long in Tumapel?’

After 5 months, he remembered the deal, that he asked for kris to Mpu Gandring. He went to Lulumbang, met Mpu Gandring who was sharpened and cut keris ordered by Ken Angrok. ‘Which is keris i ordered you Mpu Gandring’. Gandring answered ‘The one i am sharpening, son Angrok’. Keris was asked to be seen by Ken Angrok. He said angrily ‘Useless i asked you, is not it unfinished, alas, is this what you made in five months.’ Ken Angrok was getting hot in the heart, and finally he stabbed Gandring with the keris that Gandring made. Then he put on a stone mortar where water put to sharpen   , the mortar was  split into two, put in on a forge base, this also was split into two .  Now Gandring said  ‘Son, Angrok, in the future you will die by that keris, you descendant will die by the keris as well, seven kings will die by that keris’. After Gandring said that, then he died. Ken Angrok looked very sorry as Gandring died, Ken Angrok said ‘If i become a great person, i hope my nobility will be abundant, also for descendant of keris smith in Lulumbang’. Then Ken Angrok went to Tumapel.

There was confidant of  Tunggul Ametung, Kebo Hijo, who was friend of Ken Angrok, they loved each other. In that time, Kebo Hijo saw Ken Angrok insert new keris, wooden handle, and the cangkring was still spiky, was not glued yet, was rough still, Kebo Hijo loved that. He said to Ken Angrok ‘Hey Brother, i borrow the keris’ . Ken Angrok gave the keris and Kebo Hijo had it, as he love wearing it. Overtime Ken Angrok keris worn by Kebo Hijo, noone in Tumapel did not see Kebo Hijo insert new keris on his hip.

Not long after, the keris then stolen by Ken Angrok and could be taken by him. Later, Ken Angrok went to akuwu’s house at night, was good time, was silence, people were sleeping, coincidence with good luck, he went to the bedroom of Tunggul Ametung, nothing obstructed, stabbed Tunggul Ametung by Ken Angrok, to Tunggul Ametung’s heart, died  right away. Keris made by Gandring was left deliberately. Now, in the morning keris stabbed the chest of Tunggul Ametung was examined by people and by people who knew that the keris was Kebo Hijo’s , he wore everyday. All Tumapel people said ‘It is obvious Kebo Hijo who killed Tunggul Ametung secretly, as the evidence is his keris stabbed on akuwu’s chest of the Tumapel akuwu. Now Kebo Hijo was caught by Tunggul Ametung’s family, stabbed by Gandring’s keris, Kebo Hijo died.

Kebo Hijo had a son, Mahisa Randi, was sad as his father died, Ken Angrok was feel pitiful to him, wherever he went he brought the child, as Ken Angrok loved Mahisa Randi much. later god really want Ken Angrok became  the soulmate of Ken Dedes, it had been long time they wanted each other, no one in Tumapel talked about Ken Angrok behavior, also Tunggul Ametung’s family silence, no one was encourage to say word, finally Ken Angrok married to Ken Dedes.

When left by Tunggul AMetung, she was 3 months pregnant, and then with Ken Angrok. Ken Angrok and Ken Dedes loved each other. The marriage had been long enough. After the month is complete, Ken Dedes gave birth to a boy, whose father was Tunggul Ametung, was given name as Sang Anusapati and his long name was Sang Apanji Anengah. After the marriage of Ken Angrok and Ken Dedes for period of time, then Ken Dedes and Ken Angrok had a son, Mahisa Wonga Teleng and Mahisa WOnga Teleng’s brother was Sang Apanji Saprang, and brother of Panji Saprang was Agnibaya, and Agnibaya sister was Dewi Rimbu, Ken Angrok and Ken Dedes had 4 children.

Ken Angrok has a young wife, Ken Umang, she gave burth to a son Panji Tohjaya, panji Tohjaya’s brother was Twan Wregola and Twan’s Wregola’s sister was Dewi Rambi. All children were 9, 7 sons and 2 daughters. East Kawi had been ruled, even the east kawi were afraid of Ken ANgrok, and Ken Angrok showed his will to be a king, Tumapel people were happy, if Ken Angrok became king.

Coincident with a good luck, king of Daha, king Dandhang Gendis, said to his bujangga  under Daha region, he said ‘Hi, Bujangga who adhere Siva and Buddha religion, why you dont pay homage us, are not us solely Batara Guru?’ . Bujangga of all Daha region answered ‘ My Lord, since long time ago, there is no Bujangga pay homage, now it should be you pay homage to us, if you do not know our power, now we will give the proof.’

Now King Dandang Gendis up held spear, the s[ear shaft was stick to the ground, he sat on the spear top, as he said ‘ Well, all bujangga, look at our power’. He looked as he had 4 arms,  eyes, as the manifestation of Batara Guru, all bujangga from Daha region was ordered to pay homage, no one would do, even they resisted and looked for protection to Tumapel, serving Ken Angrok.

That was the history Tumapel did not care about Daha kingdom. Not long after, Ken Angrok was blessed as king of Tumapel, the kingdom was named as Singhasari, his coronation name was Sri Rajasa Batara Sang Amurwabhumi, witnessed by all bujangga adhering Siva and Buddha religion frm Daha, especially Dang Hyang Lohgawe, he was promoted as the palace priest, while they who cared Ken Angrok when he was suffering, all were invited, given protection and given repaid for their service, such as Bango Samparan, do not need to be mentioned about the leader of Turyantapada neighborhood, and children of  smith from Lulumbang, Mpu Gandring, a hundred of lulumbang iron smiths were given privilege in the neighborhood bordered by the trace of pickaxe spade plow.

While Kebo Hijo’s child was given right as Mpu Gandring’s children. The son of Dang Hyang Lohgawe, Wangbang Sadang, was born from mother adhered Wisnu religion, was married to the daughter of father bango, Cucu Puranti, those were the eminency of Sang Amurwabumi. Singasari was very successful, perfect, no obscatcle. It had been long time there was a news that Ken Angrok became king, king Dandang Gendis was informed, that Ken Angrok would attack Daha.

Said King Dandhang Gendis ‘Who will defeat our kingdom, probably will lose, if Batara Guru come down from heaven, maybe we just lose’. Ken Angrok was informed that King Dhandang Gendis said so. Said Sang Amurwabumi ‘O, all bujangga adhering Siva and Buddha, bless us to take coronation with Batara Guru name’. This was initial he took Batara Guru as his coronation name, blessed by bujangga brahman and rsi. Later he went to attack Daha. King Dhandang Gendis heard that Sang Amurwabumi in Tumapel came to attack Daha, Dhandang Gendis said ‘We will lose, as Ken Angrok is protected by god’. Now Tumapel soldiers fight against Daha soldiers, battled on the north of Ganter, meeting bravely, killing each other, Daha soldiers were recessive’. Brother of King Dhandang Gendis was killed as hero, his name was Mahisa Walungan, together with his brave minister, Gubar Baleman.

The cause of the death, because jointly attacked by Tumapel soldiers, who battled as flood from mountain. Now Daha soldier forced to flee, as the core of the power had lost. Therefore Daha soldiers were dismissed, scuttled left enemies like goat, pull out all umbrellas, no one gave resistance anymore. Then King Dhandang Gendis set back from the battle, and escaped to the realm of gods, hanging on heaven, with his horse, horse troop, umbrella holders, betel holder, water jar, mat, all went to heaven. Daha was really had been defeated by Ken Angrok. And sisters of Sang Dhandang Gendis,, they are; Dewi Amisam, Dewi Hasin, Dewi Paja were informed, that king Dhandang Gendis was lost, and heard, he had lived in gods realm, hanging on heaven, so the three princessed were disappeared together from the palace.

After Ken Angrok won against enemy, then went home to Tumapel, Java was ruled by him, he was as king could defeat Daha in 1144 Saka. Overtime there was a news, that Anusapati, the only son of Tunggul Ametung asked his nanny.

‘I am afraid of your father’ Said the nanny. ‘You have better talk to your mother’. As he did not het any information, Anusapati asked his mother ‘ Mother, i ask you, how is it? If father look at me, his look different than if he looks the children of young mother, the look is more different.’ It rally has come the time of Sang Amurwabumi. Ken Dedes answered ‘Seems there has been a distrust feeling, well, if you want to know, your father’s name was Tunggul Ametung, he died, i had been 2 months pregnant, then i was taken by Sang Amurwabhumi’. Said Busapati ‘So, Mother, Sang AMurwabumi is not my father, so how did father die?’ ‘Sang Amurwabumi killed him, son’. Ken Dedes was quiet, seemed she felt she was making mistake telling the truth to his son. Said Nusapati ‘Mother, father has keris made by Mpu Gandring. i ask that, mother’

Ken Dedes gave it. Sang Anusapati excused himself and returned to his place. He had an inferior whose position was pengalasan in Batil, called by Nusapati, asked to kill Ken Angrok, given kris made by Mpu Gandring, to be used to kill Sang Amurwabumi, The Batil man agreed and would be paid by Nusapati. Batil men went to the palace, he met Sang Amurwabumi was eating, stabbed right away by Batil man. He was injured on Kamis Pon, Landhep week, when he was having dinner, in the evening when the sun had set, people had prepared light on the place. After Sang Amurwabumi died, ran batil man, looking for protection to Sang Anusapati, said the Batil man ‘He died, your father by me’. Right away after stabbed by Nusapati, Tumapel people said ‘Ah, Batara was beaten by pengalasan in batil, Sang Amurwabumi died on 1168 Saka, and built temple for him in Kagenengan.

After that, Sang Anusapati replacing to be king, he became king on 1170 Saka. Overtime informed that Raden Tohjaya, Ken Angrok’s son from young wife, that he heard what Anusapati did, who paid the killer of Sang Amurwabumi to Batil man. Sang Apanji Tohjaya was not happy with his father’s death, thinking of the way to revenge, that he could kill Anusapati. Anusapati knew this, that he was planned by Panji Tohjaya, Sang Anusapati was very careful, his bed was surrounded by pool, and the door was guarded by people, regularly.

After long time later Sang Apanji Tohjaya came bringin roosetr to Batara ANusapati. Said Apanji Tohjaya ‘Brother, there is keris made by Gandring, it was asked by you’. Batara Anusapati time had really come. Keris made by Gandring was given by Sang Anusapati and received by Apanji Tohjaya, slipped to his hip, then keris which was used was given to his man, Apanji Tohjaya. ‘Well, Brother, let is prepare this rooster for a match’. Sang adipati answered ‘Alright, Brother.’. Later he asked his man to look after the rooster, said ANusapati ‘Well, brother, let us have cockfighting’. ‘Alright’ Said Apanji Tohjaya.

They put spurs them selves, when balance, Anusapati was enjoying the time. It really had come the time, forgot, as he was enjoying the cockfighting, stabbed him by Apanji Tohjaya. Sang ANusapati died in 1171 Saka, and a temple in Kidal was built for him.

to be continue…