Pararaton (Part 3)

Pararaton Chapter 2
Ken Angrok left Sagenggeng, escaped to a sacred place. Rabut Gorontol ‘May soaken in water, people who will destroy me’ Cursed Ken Angrok, may water comes and there nothing that there will be a year without difficulty in Java. ‘He left Rabut Grontol and escaped to Wayang, farm in Sukamanggala. There was someone who attract pitpit bird, he raped the person who called the bird, then he went to Rabut katu. He was amazed, seeing katu plants as big as banyan tree, from there he escaped to Jun Watu, the perfect people region, escaped to Lulumbang, stay with local, descendants of soldiers, Gagak Uget. He stayed there long enough, raped one who was passing the street. He ran to Kapundungan, stole in Pamalantenan, he was caught in the act, chased surrounded, did not know where to escape, he climbed tal tree, on bank of river, after afternoon, he was seen, that he climbed tal tree, waited by Kepundangan people down the tree, while canang was hit, tall tree was cut by people chasing him.

Now he cried, mentioning The Creator over him, finally he heard words from the sky, he was ordered to cut tal leaf, to be used as left and right wing, that he could fly eastward, impossible he would die, then he cut tal leaf into two, made them left and right wing, he soar eastward, escaped to Nagamasa, followed chased, escaped him to Oran region still chased and hunted, ran to Kapundungan, the lord of Kapundungan was farming, Ken Angrok was covered by admitted as the son of the lord.

The child of the lord of the region was farming, there were six, coincidentally someone was gone to dry dyke, only 5 left, the one who left was substituted by Ken Angrok, came people who chased him, while saying to the lord region ‘. O, lord region, there was a rioter we are chasing, escaped here’ The landlord said ‘

The children ‘ Gentlemen, we are really not lying to you, he is not here, we have six children, who are farming here are six, please count yourself, if it is more than six then sure there is someone here’. Said people who chased ‘ It is true, the children of the lord is six, and true that who are farming are six’ Immediately they left to chase. The land lord said to Ken Angrok ‘ You, Go, Son! I am afraid they who chase you will return, in case anyone talk about my words, will be no use having my protection, escape to forest. Then Ken Angrok said ‘Hope they who chase will stop”. Therefore, Ken Angrok hid in forest, Patangtangan forest.

He then escaped to Ano, went for Terwag forest, he did more riot. There was a lord of the naighborhood in Luki would plow the farm, preparing the farm to be planted with peanuts, brough rice for shepherd cow for the neighborhoos, put it in a bamboo tube, put on a stack, the leader of the neighborhood was enjoying his work, always plowing the peanut farm, therefore Ken Angrok quietly took and found the rice, everyday happened like that, the neighborhood leader was confused, as everyday lost rice for his shepherd, said the neighborhood leader ‘What caused the rice to disappear? ‘

Now the rice of the shepherd child of the neighborhood leader in the plowing place was watched, quietly, the shepherd child was asked to plow, not long after Ken Angrok came from forest, Ken Angrok was intended to take the rice, and reproved by the neighborhood leader ‘ It is obvious, that you, Son, who took the rice of my shepherd child everyday’. Ken Angrok answered  ‘Yes Mr. neighborhood leader, it was me took the rice of the shepherd child everyday as i was hungry and i did not eat anything’ The neighborhood leader said’ Well, Son, come to my dorm if you are hungry, ask for rice everyday, everyday i expect guests to come’. Then Ken Angrok was invited to the house of the neighborhood leader, and entertained with rice and other side dishes. The neighborhood leader said to his wife ‘ Nini Batari, i have message, if Ken Angrok come here, though i am not at home, accept him right away as family, have mercy on him’ And ken Angrok came everyday, and then went to Lulumbang, to Banjar Kocapet.

There was a neighborhood leader in Turyantapada, he was home from Kebalon, his name was Mpu Palot, he was a goldsmith, he learned from the oldest village leader in Kebalon as if he had body of knowledge to make perfect objects made of gold, as if he is free fro  flaw, Mpu Palot was home from Kebalon, brought a 5 tahil burden, stopped in Lulumbang, Mpu Palot was afraid to go home alone to Turyantapada, as informed that there is a man doing rape on the street, his name was Ken Angrok. Mpo Palot did not see anyone, he met Ken Angrok on a resting area. Ken Angrok spoke to Mpu Palot ‘ Alas, where are you going, Sir?’ Mpu answered ‘I am travelling from Kebalon, SOn, will go home to Turyantapada, i am afraid on the street, thinking of someone raping on the street, his name is Ken Angrok’

Ken Angrok smiles ‘ Well, Sir, i will walk you home, and i will fight if it happens that you meet Ken Angrok, just walk to Turyanntapada, do not worry ‘ Mpu Turyantapada felt he owed him for hearing Ken Angrok ability. After arriving in Turyantapada, Ken ANgrok was taught how to make golden objects, understand quickly, he was as good as Mpu Palot, later Ken Angrok was admitted as son by Mpu Palot, that was why the Turyantapada was called as Father region.

Ken Angrok took Mpu Palot as his father, but as the shortage of Mpu Palot knowledge, then Ken Angrok was ordered to go to Kebalon by Mpu Palot, to perfect ability to make golden objects to oldest men in Kebalon, in order to finish material left by the neighborhood leader. Ken Angrok went to Kealon, local people of Kebalon did not trust Ken Angrok. Ken Angrok was nagry ‘ I hope there will be hole in this place where people who are marginalized’ Ken Angrok stabbed, people escaped to the oldest man in Kebalon, called to gather hermits in Kebalon, all masters, punta, everybody was out, brought bronze sticks, together they chased Ken Angrok with the bronze sticks, the hermits intended to show how they wanted to kill Ken Angrok. Soon, there was a voice from the sky ‘Do not kill him, hermits, he is my son, he has many duty on the middle realm’. That was the voice form the sky, heard by hermits. Then Ken Angrok was helped, stood up as before.

Ken Angrok then cursed ‘ I hope there is no hermits on the east of Kawi who is not perfect in making golden objects’ Ken Angrok went to Kebalon and escaped to Turyantapada, in the neighborhood of Bapa (Father), his ability is  making gold is perfect. Ken Angrok left Bapa neighborhood for Tugaran village, the oldest leader of Tugaran did not care about Ken Angrok, Tugaran people were disturb by Ken Angrok, gate guard statues was carried and put in Bapa neighborhood, later found by the daughter of Tugaran oldest leader, she was planting peanuts on dry farm.

The girl then was accompanied in a meeting with Ken Angrok, overtime peanut plants yielded abundant peanuts, therefore peanuts from Tugaran has shiny, big and delicious seed. He left Tugaran to Bapa region again. Ken ANgrok said ‘ If in the future if i become someone, i will give silver to the leader of Bapa region.’ In Daha city the news over Ken Angrok, that he was riot, hid in Turyantapada, and Daha, There was an action to eliminate him, he was looked for by Daha people, left Bapa region to Pustaka mountain. He left from there and escaped to Limbehan, the oldest leader of Lembehan cared and asked for protection by Ken Angrok, finally Ken ANgrok went to sacred place, Rabut Gunung Panitikan.

To him, god sent clue, ordered to go to Rabut Gunung on Rebo Wage (Wednesday in Javanese calendar), first Wariga week, gods discussed. Thar was what bayan lady of Panitikan said. Ken Angrok ran to Gunung Lejar, on Rebo Wage, first Wariga week came, he went to the discussion place. He hid  in trash bin covered by bush by bayan lady of Panitikan.

Then there were seven sounds,thunder, lighting, quake, thunderbolt, storm,  hurricane, rain not in it season, there was always rays and lights, that he could he a continuous sound, buzzing rumble. The essence of gods discussion was ‘ Which strengthen Java island, which area is it.” So gods gave their opinin, involved in discussion.  ‘Who deserve to be king in Java’ That was the question of gods.God of Guru answered ‘Attention all gods, it is my son, a human who was born from Pangur people, who will strangthenJava island’. Now Ken Angrok went out from the trash bin, seen, by gods, ass gods agreed, he was blessed by Batara Guru, and gods were happy giving him praise.

Ken Angrok was given clue that he should admit to be the father of a Brahman, Sang Hyang Lohgawe, he was just from Jambudipa, he was ased to meet him in Taloka. This was the beginning there was brahman in east kawi. IN that time he headed to Java, not by boat, only by stepping on 3 pieces of kekatang grass, after landing from water, then headed to Taloka area, dang Hyang Lohgawe itinerated looking for Ken Angrok. Sais Dang Hyang Lohgawe ‘ There is a child, the arms were reached the knees, the left hand is written: Cakera and the right was Sangka, his name is Ken Angrok. He was seen when i was praying, he was the manifestation of Wisnu, the clue was that he was in Jambudwipa, it said ‘ Oh Dang Hyang Lohgawe, stop worshipping Wisnu, i am not here anymore, i have became Javanese, you shall follow me to the gambling place’

Not long after Ken Angrok was found in gambling place, he checked him carefully, and he was just like what seen when he prayed. Then asked Dang Hyang Lohgawe ‘ Sure you are Ken Angrok, i know you because you are seen when i prayed’. Ken ANgrok said ‘ True, Sir, i am Ken Angrok.’. He hugged the Bahman. Dang Hyang Lohgawe said ‘ You are taken as my son, Son, i will accompany you when you are sad and i will take care of you wherever you go’ Ken Angrok went to Taloka, headed for Tumapel, and the Brahman went with him.

After he arrived in Tumapel, came the perfect  time, he wanted to serve akuwu, the first man in Tumapel, Tunggul Ametung. He met him, when his crew came to him, said Tunggul Ametung ‘Hail my lord Brahmana, where are you from, this is the first time i see you’. Answer Dang Hyang Lohgawe : Lord Akuwu, i just came from the opposite area, i really want to serve you.’. Tunggul Ametung answered ‘ Well, i am very happy if Dang Hyang can live here’. That was what Tunggul Ametung said. Ken Angrok served Tunggul Amentung who was Akuwu in Tumapel.

Later there was a poet, a Buddhist, Mahayana, meditated in Panawijen farm, Mpu Purwa. He has one and only daughter, when he was not a priest yet. This daughter was very beautiful, Ken Dedes. It said that she is charming, there is no one as beautiful as her, famous to the east of Kawi to Tumapel. Tunggul Ametung heard that, and came to Panawijen, and then came to Panawijen, directly to village of Mpu Purwa, met Ken Dedes suddenly was taken by Tunggul Ametung.

After Mpu Purwa returned from his trip, he did not see his daughter, taken by Akuwu in Tumapel, he did not know the real matter, then Mpu Purwa cursed in bad words. ‘ I hope whoever took my daughter will not enjoy the joy, i hope he will ne stabbed by keris and his wife taken away, also this Panawijen people, i hope will dry the place where they take water, i hope the water will not be expelled, their sin was they did not tell me that my daughter was taken away by force’ That was said by Mpu Purwa. ‘ For for my daughter who caused passion and shining bright, i cursed he only: hoping she could be safe and big happiness’. That was the curse this Mahayana priest in Panawijen.

After arriving in Tiumapel, Ken Dedes was accompanied by Tunggul Ametung in one room, Tunggul Ametung loved her very much, when Ken Dedes showed of pregnancy symptoms, Tunggul Ametung went for fun, had fun with his wife in Boboji garden, Ken Dedes got off of the carriage coincidentally caused by destiny, her calf was seen,revealing the secret, and it was shiny by Ken Angrok, amazed seeing added with her perfect beauty, no woman as beautiful as her, Ken Angrok fell in love, did not know what to do.