Kahuripan Kingdom (Part 5)

In search of human to help them, kahyangan was hit by a freat quake as someone on earth meditated. After they found Arjuna who meditated, the expect Arjuna could help them. Indra decided to test Arjuna’s meditation endurance, if he was really the one who could help kahyangan. Indra sent 2 beatiful goddesses Tilotama and Suprabha to test him. Arjuna showed his endurance from the temptation sent by gods, no matter what both goddesses did. In other version said that even Suprabha fell in love with him. Both goddesses returned to kahyangan and reported to Indra for their failure and for Indra this was a good news. Knowing this Siva decided to go to earth as hunter.

In other place, king of giant heard about what happened in Indrakila mountain. Later giants sent Muka to disturb Arjuna and cancel his meditation. Muka change his form into a pig and destroy Arjuna’s meditation site. Arjuna then went out his meditation site and kill the pig with his archery. Arjuna checked the pig and found there were two darts on the pig while he only shot one dart, and the other one was shot by Siva as hunter. They quarrel and decided to compete in archery contest. Siva’s darts could be broken by Arjuna and finally the fought. And Arjuna could slam the hunter and the hunter disappeared. And there was Siva (as ardhanariswara or half man, half woman on padma flower)  in front of him. Siva gave him a powerful archery that can not be broken by any other weapons, pasopati. Siva was then gone. When Arjuna was ready to show his success to gain powerful weapon to his brothers, came two goddesses sent by Indra. They told Arjuna that Indra needed him to help kahyangan to kill Niwatakawaca. Arjuna agreed. Arjuna went to kahyangan, and goddesses fell in love with him, Suprabha did too. Indra said that he should find the source of the giant power first to defeat him. The plan was Suprabha would be given to the giant, and Arjuna should be with her quietly. Suprabha main duty was to persuade the giant king to mention his power secret.

Suprabha brought to Niwatakawaca, and Suprabha refused him and asked him to be patient until the dawn. She went to the garden and gave the king compliment and his invincible power. Finally the king told his power source to Suprabha as he was mesmerized by her beauty. Arjuna showed himself from his hiding place and made chaos in the king’s palace. He tried to find out who did that and this incident was used by Suprabha to escape with Arjuna. The king was angry and realized that he was tricked. He ordered his troop to assault kahyangan. Arjuna and Suprabha arrived in Kahyangan. And they prepared to welcome Niwatakawaca’s troop, and Arjuna and Indra are who were assigned to kill him with their weapon.

Gods, apsara and gandarwa went to HImalaya to fight against Niwatakawaca;s troop. And Niwatakawaca could atack the troop of kahyangan which back down. Arjuna pretended that he was at the backside and ran with kahyangan troop. Enemy kept followed him and and cursed angrily, Arjuna drew his archery and shot Niwatakawaca’s tounge.  He died and his troop ran away.

For all the efforts and the success of Arjuna, he received a reward fron Indra. For 7 days and 7 nights in kahyangan (as 7 months in the world realm) he spent his time with Suprabha. But he also missed his brothers and finally he returned to the earth to meet his brothers and told them he was rewarded with a pasupati when he meditated in Indrakila.