Kahuripan Kingdom (Part 2)

In 1023 Sriwijaya, the biggest enemy of Isyana clan, was defeated by Rajendra Coladewa, king of Colamandala from India. Airlangga had more space to conquered Java. He then conquered King Hasin. In 1030 he conquered Wisnuprabhawa, king of Wuratan, Wijayawarma king of Wengker, and Panuda king of Lewa. In 1031, Panuda’s son tried to revenge yet he was defeated by Airlangga and Lewa capital was destroyed.

In 1032, a queen from Tulungagung (currently) could defeat Airlangga, Watan Mas palace was destroyed. Airlangga escaped to patakan accompanied by Mapanji Tumanggala. Airlangga built a new capital city in Kahuripan. The queen can be defeated. In 102, Airlangga and Mpu Narotama defeated King Wurawari, and revenge for Isyana clan. In 1035 Airlangga silence Wijayawarma rebellion , KIng of Wengker. Wijayawarma escaped from city of Tapa and then killed by his own people.

After the condition was secure, Airlangga developed his land and made his people in prosper. The development was recorded in inscriptions: Building Sri WIjaya Dorm in 1036, Building Waringin Sapta Dam  in 1037 to avoid flood, building Hujung Galuh Harbor at Brantas River in Surabaya currently, building roads connecting littoral to city, officially opened Gunung Pucangan hermitage in 1041 and moved the capital from Kahuripan to Daha.

Airlangga had deep interest in literature and arts. In 105 Mpu Kanwa wrote Arjunawiwaha adapted from Mahabarata epic, about the struggle of Arjuna against Niwatakawaca, as a metaphone Airlangga defeating Wurawari.

In 1042 Airlangga became priest and according to Serat Calon ARang, his later name was Rsi Airlangga Jatiningrat, while according to Babad Tanah Jawi, his name was Rsi Gentayu. And according to the reliable Gandhakuti (1042), airlangga priest name was Rsi Aji paduka Sang Pinaka Catraning Bhuwana.  According to local tale, Airlangga royal princess refused to be queen and lived as a hermit as Dewi Kili Suci. The real anme of her according to Cane INscription 1021 to Turun Hyang (1035) was Sanggramawijaya Tunggadewi.

According to Serat Calon Arang, Airlangga was confused choosing one of his sons as his predecessor as both of his sons fought for the throne. As he remembered he was the son of Bali King, so he sent one of his son to Bali. His master, Mpu Bharada departed to Bali to comply Airlangga’s purpose, but it did not work out. Udayana had been replaced by his son Marakata as Bali king, and Marakata had been replaced by his brother Anak Wungsu. Airlangga then split his kingdom into two. Mpu Bharada was assigned to determine the border between west and east. This was recorded in Serat Calon Arang, Negarakertagama, and Turun Hyang inscription II. The west kingdom was called as Kadiri and the capital was in Daha and ruled by Sri Samarawijaya. The east kingdom was Janggala, the capital was the old town Kahuripan and ruled by Mapanji Garasakan.