Bamboo Forest on Slope of Mt Semeru, Lumajang

Perhaps everyone knows that Semeru is beautiful and one of the most active volcano and highest volcano in Indonesia.But who knows that on slope of Semeru there is a bamboo forest located in Sumbermujur village, Candipuro, Lumajang?

The bamboo forest is just located 30 km from Lumajang and it takes only 1 hour drive southward via Tempeh district, and then Pasirian district. Bamboo forest is a supporting resources for water supply on  Semeru slope needed by locals. When the bamboo was logged by locals, water was scarcer.

Bamboo on slope of Semeru is distinct typical than other as the vegetation grow on the circle of water spring, and it covers 9 hectares. Various bamboo species’s grow here such as apus, jajang, petung, rampal, and ampel. Beside there are also old trees grow there.

In the morning visitors can enjoy the morning atmosphere, cold temperature and sun light shine through the bamboo trees. Currently the tourist facilities are still in early stage.

Every 1 Muharam, locals bring offering of tumpeng, crops, plantation crops and bull’s head and then paraded from village hall to spring in the bamboo forest. This ritual is called as Larung Pemdem Sesaji. . The purpose of this ritual is that the spring can flow overtime. And burying the bull’s head on spring is believed to be the source of locals life.

To reach the bamboo forest one can take bus to Malang via Dampit from Menak Kocar Bus Station Lumajang and get off at Candipuro market. Take motorbike taxi to the forest. The forest is the home of monkeys, bats, squirrel and tigers.