Volcano in Indonesia alleged killing London Mass

There are 10.500 bones found in Spialfields market, in area of Agustinian Monastry and St Mary Spital in London, England. This was found by Museum of London since 1991 to 2007 and one of the biggest archaeological discoveries.

Previously, the bones were the remains of people who were killed of the Darkness Death or the Great Hunger in 1315-1317. Some assume that the death is the punishment from God.

But nowadays, by radiocarbon calendar and geologic analysis, scientists were sure that the bones were links to a massive volcano explosion in the 13th century, one of the biggest explosions in the last 10.000 years.

Volcanolog Bill McGuire as quoted by The Guardian on Monday August 5 2012 said ‘ This eruption was the biggest in the history. And this caused temperature to decrease to 4 deg Celsius’. This decrease was caused by sulfur released to the atmosphere and volcanic ash gathered in the air, this decrease Sun light over the Earth. The decreasing temperature failed crops, plague and triggered death.  This death gave a massive impact to London which was inhabited by only 50.000 people. With the death of thousand of people, London loss one third of its population. Therefore, the death was not caused directly by the volcano explosion.

The actual location of the volcano has not yet to be determined though the likely suspects include places like Mexico, Ecuador and Indonesia. Volcanic ashes sediment to distance places, such as ash of Malawi Lake could reach Antartica, on its ice layers. The concentration of sulfur on the ice layers is 8 times higher than Krakatau eruption in Indonesia in 1883.