PB Suryanaga Surabaya: One of the Best Badminton Training Center in Indonesia

PB Suryanaga is the biggest badminton association in Surabaya and even in East Java and one of branch of POR Suryanaga (Suryanaga Sport Accociation). POR Suryanaga was established in 1 January 1908, while PB Suryanaga was established in 1937.
In 1985, PB Suryanaga built rehearsal building consists of 5 badminton fields located in Jalan Dharmahusana Barat III/68 Blok A-212 East Surabaya. The tribune capacity is 1000 audiences.
For several years PB Suryanaga was led by Jacob Rusdianto, and dorm was built here for athletes from outside Surabaya, or East Java or outside Java.
Suyanaga has mah cooperation with parties concern about badminton in East Java, and it has few branches : PB Persada Surabaya, PB Tunas Harapan Surabaya, PB Putra Suryanaga Jember, PB Golden Horse Suryanaga Lumajang, PB Abadi Suryanaga Probolingggo, PB Speed Suryanaga Pandaan and PB Suryanaga Sidoarjo.
The training program in PB Suryanaga is based on sport knowledge for maximum advance of technical, physical and mental of players.
To train mental of athletes in national or international area, beside holding try-out session continuously, PB Suryanaga supports sending athletes for tournaments in Indonesia or abroad such as Piala Walikota, Piala Gubernur, Piala KONI, Indonesia Challenge, events in SIngapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Phillipines, and many more.
PB Suryanaga is supported by parties such as PT Gudang Garan Tbk, PT Indocock Surabaya, PT Reinforce Speed, PT Astindo Jaya Sport (ASTEC).
Athletes who had trained here are: Njoo Kimbie, Rudi Hartono, Sriwijanti, Maria Fransisca, Netty and Nelly Tanaya, Tri Kusharjanto, Alan Budi Kusuma, Alvent Yulianto, Sonny Dwi Kuncoro and many more. They won medals in national and international events such as All England, Thomas and Uber Cup, World Cup, SEA Games, Asian Games, and other tournaments such as Denmark Open, China Open, Korea Open, Japan Open, Malaysia Open, Indonesia Open and many more.
Achievements of POR Suryanaga :
-Awarded by MURI (Indonesia Record Museum) as sport association which could train athletes and yield achievements in 100 years.
-POR Suryanaga published book about achievements and history to commemorate 100 years anniversary.
-The director of Suryanaga was promoted as General Secretary of Indonesia Badminton Association (PBSI) in 2009-2013.

Achievements of PB Suryanaga athletes:
– Sony Dwi Kuncoro: Champion of Indonesia Super Series, japan Super Series and Tiongkok Super Series.
-Bambang Supriyanto: Champion of PON XVI in Samarinda
-Tri Kusharjanto and Lelyana Chandra : Champion of Sirnas Sumatera
-Tri Kusharjanto and Bambang S: Champion if Sirnas Sumatera, Sirnas SGS Elektrik, Jakarta Open, Sirnas Mutiara Tegal
-Seto Danu and Aurien : Champion of Sirnas Sumatera,
-Fauzi Adnan : Champion of Hanoi Badminton Championship, Runner-up of Sirnas Indonesia Timur, CHampion of Sirnas Banjarmasin.
-Rian Agung and Christoper Rusdianto : second runner up of Jakarta Open, Sirnas SGS Elektrik, Sinas Indonesia Timur.

PB Suryanaga has become fave place of foreign athletes to rehearse:
-Since 2008, Vietnam send 6 players to train for 30 days.
-Since 2006, Singapore send 5-10 young athletes to train for 10-14 days.
-Since 2006, France send 10-15 athletes to train for 14 days.
Since 2002, India send 5-10 athletes to train for 14-0 days.
-Since 2002, Australia has sent several times its athletes to train and sparing
-Holland send athletes to train and sparing.