Situs Biting

Situs Biting or Biting Site is the evidence of Lumajang History in the past and that it has a kingdom typical building as seen on fortress of 10 km x 10 m x 6 m. This fortress is considered as the biggest and oldest fortress in Indonesia.

HIstorian and archaeologists argued that this site is as amazing as Borobudur, Prambanan and Trowulan site. This site resembles fortress in Yogyakarta palace. Situs Biting is the remain of Lumajang City in the past, covering 135 hectares and allegedly built by Arya Wiraraja, king of Lumajang.

This site is appropriate to be Indonesia heritage site. Lumajang was an important region in the past. Lumajang was even called as the east Majapahit in 1300s constitutes of Lumajang, Blambangan, Panarukan, Sumenep, and Bali.