Jember Cigar: The Best in Indonesia

Maybe Jember as cigar producer is not familiar for Indonesian. Jember is one of the best tobacco producer in the world. Jember has been recognized in tobacco world market, such as Bremen, Germany.
Aficionado or cigar lovers know that cigar from Cuba, USA, Swiss and German are expensive and classy. Jember regency is one of the tobacco supplier of those cigar, notably besuki tobacco. Besuki tobacco is used to wrap cigar (deklabad, binder and filler.

The pnly Govt company (BUMN) manages tobacco in Jember is PTPN X located in Arjasa. To anticipate competition with other tobacco producers in world market, PTPN X also develops BOBIN industry unit and Koperasi Karyawan Kartanegara.

BOBIN Industry gave good benefit for locals for labors.In 2003, BOBIN produced 700 millions packs of cigars with 931 workers, majority is women employers.

Koperasi Karyawan Kartanegara PTPN X also produced and market Na Oogst and TBN/FIN to be a good quality of cigar or customized as consumer need. The cigar is hand made cigar.

Yet maybe people do not know yet that Jember is the best cigar producer in Indonesia and second best in the world. There are 3 kinds of Jember cigar: small cigar, soft cigar and long filler. The cigar is marketed in Indonesia and exported. Jember cigar is trade marked as Bali Dkanger, Bali Legong and Cadenza Long Premium.