PEMANDIAN WATU GEDE : Ken Dedes Bathing Place

Pemandia Kendedes

This bathing place is one of Singasari remains. It was used by kings of Singasari. The springs of this bathing place are spread and the volum is quiet big. Administratively located in Watu Gede village, Singosari, Malang, East Java.

According to locals, Watu Gede bathing place was the bathing place of Kendedes. This was chosen as nestled on a valley. Oneday when Kendedes bathed and guarded in few layers, but Ken Arok, later became her husband,  could still peep her.If this was true then this site was built around 11-13 th century. The draft of the site is rectangle from north-south and on the east side there are 9 jaladwara.