Candi Gentong, Trowulan, East Java, Indonesia

Candi Gentong is in same complex with Candi Tengah and Candi Gedong. As considered as having great role in Majapahit Kingdom reconstruction, the authority did excavation. On the excavation they found stupa and Buddha statues. The facts about the temple draft is unique, even the most unique in the world.

Gentong temple has 3 structure of 3 square centered. The first square, the smallest size, is 9,25 meters. The second square is 11.40 meters and the third square is 23.5  meters.

According to carbon dating analysis, this temple was built in 1370, in the period of Hayam Wuruk (1350-1370). From archaeological findings, Candi Gentong there was a relatively big stupa in the center and surrounded by smaller stupas.