Antogan Site, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

Antogan is a bathing place located in Bunder village, Kabat, Banyuwangi, 6 km from Rogojampi westward. There is a waterfall which is very fresh and clear and it is surrounded by big rocks, there is a place believed to be the meditation site of Tawang Alun, and Rempeg Jagapati. This meditation site is located between stones on a hole only for one person.

Behind the waterfall there is a chamber for several people. According to locals, it was used for meditation and until today it has still magical nuance with line of stone blocks along the edge of the river. Before Antogan opened for visitors no one was dare to bathe alone in this place, usually they come with friends moreover on Friday.

Mbah Rembug or Rempek is believed to be a very dedicated person and he had supernatural power in Dutch colonial period. There are many stories how he he magically could defeat Dutch soldiers. Rempeg Jagapati grave is located nearby ANtogan between Bunder village and Petang village. Locals found many peculiar things on that grave site. One of that was Bunder village suddenly turned to forest that soldiers could not enter the village in the time of G30S PKI (Communist Movement). Other mysterious story about this place is about a man who fished and he pull the root of trees and suddenly there was a sound said ” Do not pull my beard’.

Antogan water stems from longon spring located on the foot of Mt Raung, the water is clean and clear, cold and people can drink it right away. But after the site was developed as tourist attraction, the mysteriousness was gone already

Rofik Laros