Javan Tiger Expedition in Meru Betiri

Meru Betiri National Park ranger, again, traced Javan Tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica) since Januari-Februari 2012 in Meru Betiri forest located in Jember and Banyuwangi Regency , East Java. The national park head, Bambang Darmadja said that his men had set 5 trapped camera in three sections to reveal the existence of Javan tiger claimed as extinct species. He further said that this effort was executed to gain evidence that this species still exist.

The cameras were set focused at Sarongan, Ambulu and Kalibaru area. And they focused on few spots, alleged as habitat of Javan Tiger, in this 58 hectares National Park. The coordinator of expedition team, Alif Olia Ananda said that several things should be prepared to secure the camera, as few years ago the cameras set for same purpose were gone.

The expedition team would collect secondary data about the tiger’s existence in Meru Betiri, as trace, feces and scratch to support primary data.