Electricity in In Colonial Time

Generally, Indonesian history of electricity started in 1897 when Nederlandsche Indische Electriciteit Maatschappij (NIEM) was erected in Batavia. Surabaya electricity began in 26 April 1909 when NIGM, a gas company,  was erected , called Algemeene Nederlandsche Indische Electriciteit Maatschappij (ANIEM).

Previously, city electricity used gas channeled to houses and street light. ANIEM was one of private companies given the authority to develop and manage electricity system in East Indies. Before PLN (Indonesian Electricity Company) was given electricity monopoly in Indonesia, electricity was managed by private companies.

ANIEM is one of companies under NV Handelsvennootschap that previously was Maintz & Co. This company was located in Amsterdam and entered Surabaya in the end of 19th century by erecting a gas company Nederlandsche Indische Gas Maatschappij (NIGM)

When ANIEM was established in 1909, this company was given the right to build several power plant with its distribution system in Java. ANIEM grew as the biggest electricity company in Indonesia and favor 40% distribution of country’s need. As the increasing of demand, ANIEM fasten the expansion. In 26 August 1921, the company received consesion in Banjarmasin and the contract was valid until 31 december 1960. In 1937, Central, East Java and Kalimantan electricity was trusted to ANIEM.

Electricity tower in ANIEM time were mostly alredy gone.Few are left but the condition is not good.