Balai Sahabat, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

This building is located in Jalan Gentengkali 89-91, Surabaya, and was popular as Club House in the past. This building is owned by an institution. According to 1930s record, the building was used as German association called Das Deutsche Verein , an association of European especially Dutch and German loved dancing.

The building size approximately 3974 m3 and this could be the biggest societeit in Surabaya. In 1946, the building was purchased by a Chinese, Phoe Sin Khoen, and later this was given to the association of Deucse , later the association name changed to Lien Huan She and then changed again to Balai Sahabat. The building had been also used as KOSTRAD.

The activity of association member were dancing (until today), tennis, bridge, billiard, and yoga.