Graha Wismilak : Former Police Dept Office

Current Gedung Wismilak is one of preserved old building in Surabaya. This building had two floors with colonial style and estimated to be constructed in 1920s. Fro outside seems like it has only one floor. The wall has ornaments of beautiful and unique pentagon windows.

The first floor is made of natural rock, while the second floor is made of wood. The total size of the building is 999.98 sqm and the first floor is 495 sqm. While second floor is 504.64 sqm.

Previously the building is known as former police department office. This building is part of Indonesia’s Police history. Even proclamation, and existence of Special Police (Polisi Istimewa) were already in history before the formation of Indonesian Police.

Since 3 July 1993, the building was taken over to Wismilak from its heir. So actually this building was private property, and it was empty that it was used as police dept office. The building was officially finished in 9 September 2009 by Mr Willy Walla, the president Director of PT Wismilak Makmur. This building has 4 floors with additional roof and top floor. The current design is adapted from its original design.