How to Care Batik

Batik Tulis or Painted Batik usually has deep philosophy, here is the tips to care batik as delivered in Indonesian Batik discussion in 2009 by Standard Chartered Bank.

-Keep batik in a non damp place and avoid direct sun light.
-Wrap batik in a non acid paper. Give fragrant to avoid insect by using roots or pepper. Do not use chemical such as camphor as it will deteriorate batik color.
-Periodically, once in two weeks open batik and to air it for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid dampness.
-Do not use washing machine. Wash manually and do not use strong soap. Lerak, shampoo, or baby soap or dry clean are good choices.
-To dry it, dont put under the sun. Just air it until dry.
-Do not iron batik. In case you should iron it, put textile layer on it. Or use warm steam iron.
-Do not soak batik ever. Do not brush. In case there is a spot, use lime skin to clean it, only on the spot area.