Pasar Bunga Bratang

Bratang flower market is traditional market in Surabaya located at Jalan Bratang, nearby Kebun Bibit, a green park. Next to this market located Bird Market. In the beginning there were only few shops here, and since 1990s the market evolved. This market is well managed, clean and suitable for flowers shoppers. Parking area is spacious enough. Often students of elementary & junior high or visit this flower market to learn about plants and flowers. Foreign and domestic visitors visit Bratang flower market as one of Surabaya city tour spot.

Slightly, this flower market looks like only few shops from the street, but actually, the market covers 2400m2, more than 200 shops. So to see more flower collections, visitors can walk on the isle. This market opens 24 hours a day but few shops closes at 6 pm. On weekend, this flower market is visited by flowers lovers.

Bratang flower market has complete collections, beside flowers, you can find pots, vase, garden decoration, herb plants, orchid, garland, fertilizer and anything to do with garden and flower.

Bratang Flower Market Exclusive Photos

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