Legend of Cindelaras

Raden Putra was the king of Jenggala Kingdom. He had a very kind-hearted queen and a very beautiful concubine. Though the concubine was pretty, she had jealousy nature especially jealous to the queen. She planned bad thing for the queen. She felt that she was supposed to be the queen, so she tried to get rid of the queen.

The concubine held a conspiracy with palace doctor. She pretended to be very ill. The doctor then was called. Doctor told the king that the concubine was poisoned through her drink, and who poisoned her was the queen. King was very angry and he ordered his prime minister to exile the queen to forest.

Prime minister brought the pregnant queen to forest. But the wise prime minister did not kill her. Seemed he knew insidious plan of the concubine. Prime Minister said ” Her Highness, Please do not worry, i would report that i have killed you’ . To manipulate the king, he applied his sword with rabbit blood that he caught. King trusted his Prime Minister report.

After few months lived in forest, the queen had a baby boy and she named him Cinde Laras. Cindelaras grew up as smart and handsome young boy. He made friends with animals in the forest. Oneday when he was playing in the forest, an eagle dropped an egg. He thought ‘ Hmmm that eagle was very kind to give him an egg’. Cindelaras kept the egg and three weeks later, the egg cracked open. It was a baby rooster. Cindelaras took care of the rooster until it grew up to be a handsome and powerful rooster. And unlike other rooster, Cindelaras crowed “Kukuruyuk, My master is Cencelaras, his house is in forest, its roof is made of coconut leave, his father is Raden Putra’

Cindelaras was amazed by its crow and soon showed this to his mother. And the queen told him the story of her life. Hearing that, Cindelaras intended to tell the crime did by the concubine. Queen let Cindelaras went to palace accompanied by his rooster. On the way there were people gathering for rooster fight. Cindelaras was called by the men and dared him for his rooster to fight. Cindelaras agreed.  Cindelaras’s rooster won on every fight. And it was invincible.

Cindelaras’ rooster became popular. Raden Putra, the king, heard about this and ordered his man to invited Cindelaras. Cindelaras came to palace. He was very polite. The king said to himself ‘ This young boy is very polite, intelligent and handsome, he seems to be more than just a common boy’. Cindelarass rooster were fought with king’s rooster. If Cindelaras’s rooster lost, he would be headed and if the opposite, king would give half of his wealth to Cindelaras.

Cindelaras’ rooster won and king accepted his loss. The king asked him who he was. Cindelaras whispered to his rooster and the rooster crowed  “Kukuruyuk, My master is Cencelaras, his house is in forest, its roof is made of coconut leave, his father is Raden Putra’. King was surprised and askedfor confirmation from Cindelaras. Cindelaras explained about who he was. At the same time prime minister came and told the king what really hapened at the forest years ago. The King regret his decision in the past and he hugged his son. Cindelaras and queen were asked to live in palace. The evil concubine was then exiled for her crime to forest. Cindelaras succeeded his father and ruled wisely.