RA Kartini Museum

Raden Ajeng Kartini can be mentioned as the first  modern indigenous Indonesian women, as she tried and wrote her thought to break Javanese patriarch old tradition about freedom, autonomy and law equality for women.

Kartini Museum is located in the center of Jepara city, notably in panggang village, Jepara, next to Jepara Pendopo. This museum was built on 30 March 1975, in the period of mayor Soemarno Djojomardowo, and officially opened in 1977 by mayor Soedikto.

The museum is outlined into three parts. The first part is Kartini Museum. The second is Sosrokartono Museum (brother of Kartini who was graduated from Leiden University and popular as doctor of mineral water, and mastered 26 foreign language and involved in Indonesia independent movement. The third is archaeology museum displays old items in Jepara.

Here displays items and photos of Kartini and her brother Sosrokartono, quotations from Kartini’s letter carved in wood and replica of Kartini’s desk. In archaeology museum displayed ceramics, handicrafts, carving, batik troso, bamboo and rattan weaving. Visitor also can see gigantic fish bone named as Joko Tua fish. This is the skull of Elephant Whale, a whale has a trunk found in Karimunjawa Sea.