Ideal Javanese Woman According to Javanese Art of Love

These are Javanese ideal women type according to Javanese Culture of Love Art:

1. Kusuma Wicitra
Woman is like flower that blooms charmingly and ready to be picked.  Ideal woman should prepare herself with general and religious knowledge and behave well for her sake, as gesture to maintain her honor and purity.

2. Padma Sari
Woman is like lotus blooming on pond. In Javanese, lotus is symbol of intimacy, that ideal woman should be compassion and intimate if she is next to her husband.

3. Sri Pagulingan
Woman is like a beautiful light in king’s couchette or throne. Ideal woman should have inner beauty, not only physical beauty, and she must show her beauty to her husband in their private room.

4. Sri Tumurun
Woman is like goddess from heaven that goes down to earth. Ideal woman should be beautiful, body and soul. She should interact with people, and even marginalized people and show light of love.

5. Sesotya Sinangling
Woman is like a beautiful and sparkling diamond. Ideal woman should be jewelry for her husband that she can beautify and enlighten life and future of her husband and her entire family.

6. Traju Mas
Woman is like a tool to weight gold. This symbolizes that faithful woman is able to give seggestion, consideration, advice, for her family.

7. Gedhong Kencana
Woman is like building or house that is made and decorated with gold. It is a symbol of a woman who is calm and be strong minded and can give you warmthand peace to her husband and family.

8. Sawur Sari
Woman is like a fragrant flower.  Ideal woman should be recognized by her kindness, good behavior, character, her and her subtlety, breadth of knowledge, moral glory. Physical and wealth are just a complement, not a condition for an ideal woman.

9. Pandhan Kanginan
Woman is like a fragrant pandanus that its fragrant is blown by wind. This symbolizes a woman who is very exciting, charming, and attractive. Woman like this is delineated as tall, slim and slender, beautiful face, kuning langsat skin, natural red lips, beautiful breast, friendly, and able to give children to her husband.