Chinese Tourist to East Java Increases

The number of tourists entering East Java Juanda through Juanda airport during February increased 0.63% of 14 200 foreign tourists in January to 14 290 in February. The largest increase favored by tourist from China, up by 56.75% to 1207 foreign tourists, “said Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) East Java, Irlan Indrocahyo, in Surabaya,Tuesday (04/03/2012).

He said the magnitude of the increase in foreign tourists, especially those from Chinatriggered by a more conducive business climate and security in East Java. In addition most of them visit East Java for business trip. With a pretty good economy with its growth rate in 2011 reached 7.2%, Irlan said that East Java became a priority for investment and trade. Further He said that East Java was also the entrance of trading in Eastern of Indonesia. “This then lead to high rates of rise for tourists from China,” he said.

Based on data from BPS, tourists from China currently ranks second to Malaysia in February 2012 the number of foreign tourists reached 3193. While Singapore still on rank  three by 1167 the number of foreign tourists.

On different occasions, Deputy Secretary-General (Secretary) Association of the Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies (Asita) East Java (East Java) Nanik Sutaningtyas expressed optimism towards the performance improvement of tourism in East Java this year.

It is by looking at perekomonian conditions, safety and comfort as well as the availability of supporting infrastructure, such as the opening track to break up congestion Porong artery in Porong road.

“I believe this year’s tourism performance of Java is getting better,” She said.

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