Java Island’s Exotic Facts

-Java is the most populated island in Indonesia,and even in South East Asia. In 2006, Java is the most populated Island in the world with total inhabitants 130 millions. This was due to the fertile soil caused by volcano explosions for thousand of years. Indonesian live in Java is 60% of total population while the size is only 7% of the entire Indonesia.

-Java is located on ring of fire, and it has 42 volcanoes.

-Java is used as name of software, Java. According to a source, this name was taken as one of the founder, James Gosling liked to enjoy coffee from Indonesia (Jawa or Java in English).

-Java coffee is very popular among world coffee lovers. It said that it has most delicious taste due to least acid and combined with soil, temperature, humidity. If the coffee is stored longer, the taste will be better as the acid will decrease. ¬† Java’s most popular coffee is arabica coffee.

-In USA, Java is slang for coffee.

-Batik is the world heritage from Indonesia, notably from Java Island. Beside that UNESCO has also admitted that Keris , weapon from Java with deep philosophy is also another world heritage.

-Javanese language is used not only in Java but also in Suriname, Singapore, Malaysia and New Caledonia. Those countries have long history with Javanese mainly since colonial era. No wonder that Javanese culture and arts are growing there as well.