Kakek Bodo Waterfall, Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Kakek Bodo waterfall is located on 850 meters above sea level with 40 meters height, on slope of Mt Welirang, Tretes, Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java. There are 3 other waterfall in the vicinity : Alap-alap waterfall (40 meters), Putuk Truno Waterwall (45 meters) and Sengguruh Waterfall (30 meters).

The legend was about an old man that was called as Stupid Old Man (Kakek Bodo). Locals believe that Kakek Bodo was once a servant of a Dutch family. He was very pious and honest. He left the Dutch family he worked in and moved to meditate to get purified. For that, the Dutch family called him as Kakek yang bodoh or Stupid Oldman. By his meditation, he became powerful and he used his power to help people. He died in his meditation site. Until today his grave is deemed to be sacred by local people and visited by visitors from cities.

Kakek Bodo waterfall is just 52 KM from Surabaya and 70 meters from Malang and it has ease of access. There are three routes to Kakek Bodo : Via Candi Jawi, Via Safari Park Prigen and rear of Hotel Surya.