The Legendary Java Coffee

In 1696, Amsterdam city mayor, Nicholas Witsen ordered VOC commander in Malabar, Adrian van Ommen to bring coffee seed to Batavia, currently Jakarta. The seed then was tested in private land of VOC Governor General, Willem van Outhoorn, currently known as Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta. The first harvest of the coffe was transported to Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. Biologist in Hortus Amsterdam was amazed of the coffee quality. In their opinion, Java coffee was beyond coffee quality they had known.  The experts then sent the coffee sample to numerous botanical garden in Europe, one of them was the botanical of King Louis XIV. France send the sample coffee to countries occupied by France such as middle and south America. Finally the world admit the taste and smell of Java coffee. Coffee trading was very profitable for VOC, but the opposite for Indonesia coffee farmers for cultivation system applied by VOC. As time went by Cup of Java term was popular in the west, and Indonesian coffee was identical to Javan Coffee, though in Indonesia there numerous delicate coffee such as Sumatera, Sulawesi,Balinese coffee. Coffee planted in Java were mostly Arabica, while in East Java, Kayu Mas, Blawan and Jampit was Robusta. Jember is popular as delicate coffe producer.