History of Javanese and Balinese Spa, Indonesia

Since past period, Indonesian love to bath or shower with water that is rich of mineral, or sulfur to heal skin or to relax muscle. IN Indonesia sulfur water can be found in Tangkuban Perahu, CIater, and other spots. That actually spa has been part of tradition and social life in Indonesia and becomes life style. Volcanoes is rich of useful material for body wellness. People visiting hot spring for healing. Mountain spring and sea water are believed enhancing health physically and functionally, for beauty and wellness.
In Indonesia, there are various shower procession in women’s life cycle. From the say when they were born, marriage, menopause, post menopause until death.This is written in various literature sources.
One of relief in Borobudur depicts Buddha life prepares to bathe in a pool full of flower and various plants extract. And on a relief also depicts Queen Maya was massaged on her hand and foot by her ladies. And on Candi Prambanan relief, shows a sketch of ritual such as bathing, massage, and herbs. And there are numerous natural hot spring spot in Java for royal families in the period of Majapahit, Medang Kamolan and etc. In the 9th century, King Airlangga built Jalatunda bathing place for tapa ngambang or floating meditation for body and soul purification. Candi Tikus and Segaranyang Pool built in Majapahit (14th Century), purification and reach body and soul balance, and male and female bathing room are separated.
Taman Sari or fragrance garden in Yogyakarta is an example of bathing place. This was built bu Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in 1758 and finished in 1765. It has 3 pools, underground mosque, and water tower designed by an Portugese architect by Sultan request. This was used by Sultan, his family for recreation, and rejuvenation. Other function of Taman Sari was to watch enemies and as defense fortress.
Umbul Pengging was one of Keraton bathing place and the water never dries even in dry season. There are three big bathing places , Umbul Temanten, Umbul Ngabean, Umbul Sungsang.
Sendang Tarub is located in Tarub Village, Central Java. This is believed to be the bathing place of goddess. When there is a rainbow, means goddesses are having bath there. Plants growing on the lake are believed can heal illness.
Tirta Empul inn Tampak Siring in Bali is considered as an old bathing place since the period of Bedalu Kingdom (currently Gianyar). This kingdom was ruled by King Mayadewa, who was powerful, but very mean that no one brave enough to look at his face. Oneday he poisoned all springs and rivers, bathing places and wells, that people many people died if they drank and got skin disease if they bathe. Wisnu then guided people to hide, he thrust his keris and then it was withdrawn, water splashed and a spring appeared. The water can heal diseases. The spring then is called as Tirta Empul means spurting water.