Wisata Alam Puncak Suroloyo Yogyakarta

Suroloyo Peak is the highest place on the line of Menorek Hill, more than 1000 meters from the sea surface. Suroloyo is located in Gerbosari, Samigaluh, just 45 km from Yogyakarta, on border of Central Java and Yogyakarta.

From Suroloyo Peak we can see amazing view of Borobudur Panorama, as we see it from a flow flying plane.  From Suroloyo, we can see Mt Merbabu and Mt Merapi, Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing. Menoreh hills make the view mesmerizing. There are three pendopo buildings creating more comfortable for visitors. Sunrise and Sunset are very magnificent if weather friendly.

Suroloyo is rich of myth. Locals believe that this peak was used by Sultan AGung Hanyokrokusumo to meditate, that he received an inspiration to rule Java. This peak is believed to be the mecca of earth center in Java.  Locals believe that the peak is meeting point of 2 lines from south to nirth and from east to west in Java. On Javanese new year’s eve, this area is visited by people from the visinity or even from other regions in Java.

In the period of Old Hindu, people believe in Kayangan or place where gods reside on Himalaya, the highest peak in the world. Priests used Suroloyo Peak as visual aid for locals Hindu. In that period, the peak was the highest peak in Mataram.

The Peak is also believed as the Mintaraga meditation site for Janaka or Arjuna to get weapons he used in Bharatayuda to defeat King Newatakaca. Mintaraga nama derived from Kyai Ajar Mintorogo literally means humble life. In Suroloyo Peak there is Sendang Kadiwatan and Sendang Kawidodaren are spring where gods and goddes bathing. Another locals myth. Enceh Suci is a site, and in the past it said it was a mosque.

Reaching Suroloyo is available with private coach. The route from Jogja is Jalan Godean-Kenteng-Nanggulan-Kalibawang-Suroloyo. The alternative route is via Borobudur.