Museum Karmawibhangga where Unfinished Buddha Statue Displayed, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia

Karmawibhangga Museum is located in Borobudur Park. The museum displays archaeological items, where also located unfinished Buddha and hidden relief on the Borobudur’s lower part. 2 block puzzle of Borobudur Temple made of volcanic material carved that they lock each other. Borobudur was built for 75 years since the mid of 9th century to the early of 11th century. It was the pilgrimage for Buddhist from China, India, Tibet and Cambodia.

There are two rooms : Restoration room and Karmawibhangga Room. THe restoration room displays pictures from the restoration of Borobudur temple, and method of rocks locking, artifacts found during excavation, including Hindu artifacts found in Borobudur.

Karmawibhangga Room displays 160 relief of Karmawibhangga carved on the foot of Borobudur temple and that could not be enjoyed for there is an 3m additional temple foot encircled Karmawibhangga relief. In museum corridor displayed temple blocks that are not found their match. We can also see how to attach  the blocks. There is a collection of the biggest Buddha’s heads found in Indonesia. This head was found in Selomerto, Wonosobo. And located at outdoor space, displayed Cattra Stupa, the main stupa or Borobudur.

The unfinished Buddha is non intact Buddha statue. This was located in main stupa niche. The non-intact-ness symbolizes the perfectness of Buddha, but other opinion says that that was merely the mistake of the carver. For locals, this statue is deemed to have magical power, and the call it as Mbah Belet. In sacred day such as Jumat Kliwon, people still bring flower or offering for the statue.