Myth of Disaster Natural Warning

Disasters like tsunami, flood, volcano eruption or landslide are catastrophes that are unpredictable.  Oceans that is very calm suddenly can destroy everything. So are beautiful volcano, river or hills.

But do you know that before the catastrophe, nature gives signs especially to human. IN prehistoric era, before technology invented,  human has used natural signs as the only tool to predict the catastrophe, beside also as a sign for farming, and knowing seasons, or the perfect time to fish.

The natural myths are told from generation to generation. But for young generation, usually those myth are considered as lullaby only. Here are myths from nature shown as warning before catastrophe hit;

Chickens do not lay eggs for quiet long time. Chicken egg is very popular for having various virtue for human health. Myth says that if chickens in village do not lay eggs, and every night they make noise, then it means disaster will hit that village.

Flock of birds fly low from sea to land. Sea birds usually fly nearby sea and rest on beach. Old egypt myth says that if black birds fly win large flock to the land passing settlement and beach, means that a big disaster will struck.

Thunder in sunny day. This myth is believed by tribes in Sumatera and Malaya and there are two things that probably will happen it there is thunder in sunny day. First there will be a public figure will pass away or a disaster will struck.

Animals from ocean seen nearby coast. This myth is from old Rome. They believed if they saw shark or whale nearby coast or beach means there will be disaster. Old australian believe if they see school of dolphin nearby coast and make sad sound, it is a warning for a big disaster.

Monkeys do not stay on trees. Trees are the habitat of monkeys and they usually go down from the trees only in temporary time. If monkeys are not on trees anymore for long period, and they scream at night, tribes in Sumatera believe that it is a sign of disaster.

Ants flock away from its habitat.Tribes in Asia, Middle East, and Africa believe that If ants flock out from settlements and from its habitat is sign of disaster.

Someone that has disappear for long time returns. The myth about the return of a disappear man or dead man is believed by tribes in Indonesia. Usually this person resembles public figures in the past. This mysterious person asks men to repent. The return of this person does not make people remember the public figure in the past. Usually they will remember who the public figure is after the disaster occurs.