Ramuan Madura : Madurese Herb (Jamu) for Women, Madura, East Java, Indonesia

Ramuan Madura is very popular among Indonesian. Madurese herb is known as good solution for sexual problems. But actually, Madurese herbs are not only having afrodisiac effect on human but also have healing effect for health. And do not consider that Madurese herb are only for women, such as sari rapat, tongkat madura or jamu empot empot that are specially for feminine organs.  Madurese has special herbs for men as well to keep fit stamina.

Madurese herbs are very popular that they can easily be found in jamu shops or chemist. Madurese herbs are composed with complete ingredients. Beside that the ingredient mix enhance  and complete each other for better healing. it was stated by Dra Hj Aziz Apt who did research about Madurese herbs.

Tongkat Madura is specially for female sex organ. The shape is stick and made of various ingredients such as roots and other plants. This has been used by women for centuries to strengthen feminine muscle, heal Fluor Albus and improve feminine organ. This herb can remove bad smell, decrease liquid on female organ.

Empot-Empot is to improve female organ muscle and to create special beats of female organ, lessen mucous vaginal problem. Empot-empot is best combined with Jamu Rapet Wangi.

Rapet Wangi has similar effect as Empot Empot, only rapet wangi can make female organ has good smell.