Legendary Kethchup Sauce from Surabaya

This ketchup is very popular among Surabaya food sellers. You can find bakso, mi goreng, nasi goreng, sate, lontong balap food stalls use this ketchup. People know this ketchup jeruk. Ketchup Cap Jeruk Pecel Tulen factory was built in Hwan Kieng Hien with his wife in 1937, this factory evolved since operated by second feneration, Hwan Hong Piek, and Hwang Hong Poen. This second generation put a tagline on the package ‘Kita Tanggung, Kalau Tidak Enak Boleh Kirim Kembali’ (Guaranteed Quality, If It is no Good, You can return it). Now this factory is directed by Handoko as the third generation, he maintains the original recipe and ingredients.

This factory is located at Sidonipah Street, a narrow isle where everyday can be seen people busy working from am to pm. Approximately 5 meters from the isle gate, there is a large room divided into 3 rooms.  The first room is used to cook ketchup, where there are 3 earthen fireplace to cook soya been and coconut sugar in a big jar. Two employees were in charge for this cooking, they collect the foam from the soya bean and remove it. The second room is used to clean ketchup botol. The third room is used to package the ketchup in bottle.

All employees are women and very skillful. Packaging is very traditional, and the brand is attached to the bottle manually. The owner said that this simple brand label was once imitated by other ketchup factory. His customers told him that they bought different taste of kethcup with same brand. But when inspected carefully, the brand is different and it has different address.

To maintain the quality, the owner uses the same ingredient from the first generation. For instance the coconut sugar is supplied from Banyuwangi and Sumenep as the first generation. This product is sold to outside Java, such as Nusa Tenggara Timur and Nusa Tenggara Barat.

The production starts daily from 07.00 to 15.00. This product was known as madiun product but nowadays this became the icon of Surabaya for its factory location.

Ketchup Jeruk brand is very easy to remember. The label has two men picture. The picture is the father of current director with his brother. This label sets the product from others, guaranteed quality, and loved by its customers.