Waliyah Zainab

Waliyah Zainab grave is located in Diponggo village, Tambak District, Bawean Island located on hill foot and 350 meters from beach. This grave is located at the back yard of Diponggo village mosque, that was built by Waliyah Zainab.

The tomb stone is surrounded by wall and roof. The tomb is made of marble with simple decoration, it has antefic decoration on every corner of the construction. The size is 253 cm x 66 c, and 76 cm high. The tomb is new made of teak.

For Baweanese, Waliyah Zainab was the second wife of Sunan Giri, and her name ws Dewi Wardah. She was the daughter of Sunan Bungkul Surabaya and she was married because of pomegranade found by Sunan Giri in a contest. She was not happy became the second wife and she chose to stay in Bawean to disseminate Islam.

Her grave is a pilgrimage destination. Waliyah Zainab also has heritage stuff, namely jug, 2 spears, big iron grail, china ware, rice laddle, big coconut skin, and etc. The ceramic is estimated from Ming dynasty and those stuff are well kept in a room not far from the grave.