Myth from Tieng Village, Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

A big flood hit Tieng village, Kejajar district, Wonosobo last year 18 December 2011. There are 11 people died of this disaster. This was due to the absence of tree to absorb and protect soil from water or rain. Forest are bare, only potato farming span widely one very hills and small mountain. The flood was caused by heavy rain and there is no big tress at all at Gunung Pakuwojo.

Dieng slope is 15 to 30 degrees andit is on altitude 1200 to 1500 m asl. There was flood from Gunung Pakuwojo hit Tieng village in 1986 and took 3 casualties. There should be a big scale of reforestation. In the future other disaster can struck again if 8 hours rain falls on the region.


This myth is re surged on evacuation shelters of Tieng flood casualties.

It has been years decades that myth lives from generation to generation by elders in Tieng village and even today this myth is still believed though it is not proven yet. No one knows who initially tell this myth, about flood and golden rendeng plant thatw s used by Tieng village to heal their cuts.

Rendeng or centella is also known as antanan, penegowang, caling rambut, antenan gede, pegagan, kori kori.  This plant can grow on 2500 m asl and it has no stock, only with short rhizome and stolons to creep with length from 10 to 80 cm. It has single leave and stock length is from 5 to 15 cm in human kidney shape.

Almost all villagers of  Tieng know and heard golden rendeng centella myth. On foot of Gunung Pakuwojo there was peculiar rendeng, unlike other rendeng commonly. It was a golden rendeng. This rendeng should be protected and no one should pick this as if so, there will be huge flood that will destroy Tieng village, Cebong Lake in Cebong will be broken down and inundate and devastate all Tieng village area.

People said that golden rendeng was located at Ngesong cave, a rock cave located with approximately 10 people capacity. Some said that it grew in the middle of Gunung Pakuwojo, but no one ever see this golden centella.

The message of this myth could be that golden rendeng means trees and other plants that protects soil. Rendeng is cure to heal cut and gold is an expensive metal.