Legend of Gunung Sumbing, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Sumbing is mountain located in Central Java and one of Java’s peak, notably located in regency of Wonosobo, Temanggung, and Magelang. This mountain is 3371 m asl, the peak has an active crater and most part of its slope is used as farming  land.

Long time ago there were husband and wife and they has 2 sons. They lived as farmer, and lived in harmony in the village. Everyday they went to their farms and enjoyed the mild weather in their neighborhood. They hacked the farm, and then plan seed. At noon when the heat of the sun was very strong, they rest, and afternoon they returned home. Their daily activity was always the same as yesterday.

Their sons always quarreled everyday until oneday their father was so angry and could not take anymore to see his sons fighting to each other. The second who was impolite was hit by him that made his lips ripped (harelip) or in Javanese sumbing. So the mountain nearby where they lives was called as Mt Sumbing. The other mountain is called as Sindoro from Si and Ndoro referred the first son who was polite and had good behavior. Sumbing peak can be seen in its ripped shape if you look from east or west side of the mountain.