Dhurung : Traditional House of Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia

Each area city or area has its own tradition of typical of food, arts, costume, or even traditional house. In Central and East Java, they have joglo house as traditional house with Bayang as meeting point,  in Bawean, they have Dhurung located nearby their houses with same function as bayang.

Dhurung is name of a wall-less hut made of wood or bamboo and the roof is made of puhan leave or in Baweanese called as dheun. In Bawean tradition, dhurung is used as place to rest and release exhaust from sawah or farms. Dhurung is also place where locals mingle and even find someone to date. Usually dhurung is located in front or beside the house, sometimes the size is bigger that it has double function, also as barn for their paddy crops. In few old villages of Bawean, Dhurung is very familiar and it shows the identity and social class of the owner. They make Dhurung to maintain ancestor heritage and concominatntly as mean for socializing.

Dhurung has unique beautiful carving and its functions are for resting, socializing and as  barn. As barn Dhurung is completed with jhelepang, something like trap, to avoid mice and  insects. Dhurung existence is  rarely found now in Bawean especially in  new settlements and most of  inhabitants are young couples. This tradition begin to be ignored and they do not have sawah and due to narrow yard. It said only 30 percent of Bawean houses have Dhurung. Old Dhurung from Bawean houses are mostly purchased by visitors and taken from Bawean.