Sayyid Umar Mas’ud History, Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia

According to local history, Islam came in Bawean in the 16th century. Written record also mentions that before settling in Java, Maulana Malik Ibrahin, an  ullema from Turki and expert in the science of government, a deputi of Utsmaniyah Caliphate stopped in Bawean. If that was in the 13th century, then Islam was in Bawean since 13th century.

Sayyid Maulana Umar Mas’ud, is an ullema , descendant of Sunan Ampel that disseminated Islam in Bawean island.  For his service, Islam is accepted in all over Bawean after hard struggle and challenge.

In Bawean legend, Sayyid Maulana Umar Mas’ud could defeat King Babilelono who was evil and worship devil. The story is told as tale of Aji Saka fought against canibal king. Politically, after king Babilelono defeated, automatically Sayyid Maulana Umar Mas’ud became the leader of the island, with Islam value.