Loro Blonyo, Couple Statue: Javanese Symbol of Harmony, Youyakarta, Indonesia

In Yogyakarta, loro blonyo statue is found easily, in someone’s house, in keraton, or in hotel. Loro blonyo is pair of statue, female and male, in cross-legged sitting pose, or other positions and they wear can wear Javanese costume. Sometimes they wear batik ,basahan style, or other costumes of Javanese.

Archaeologist from Gajah Maga University stated that loro blonyo is symbol of hope. Female figure of loro blonyo is manifestation of Dewi Sri, the goddess of fertility. By acculturation dominating by Hindu belief, Dewi Sri statue found its mate, Wisnu. Thus, loro blonyo  defined as symbol of prosperity or continuous prosperity.

According to written record, loro blonyo was already exist since Sultan Agung period in 1476. Hinduism then manifested in something more universal, from Dewi Sri to bride and groom statue. Initially, loro blonyo was closely related to culture and only priyayi or the privileged owned it. In Joglo house, loro blonyo is located in senthong tengah or middle room, the private room for husband and wife.

Loro blonyo is preserved culture that it still exists until today, in modern era. Loro blonyo is the representative of host, and can be put anywhere in the house, not only in the private room of the house owner. It can be put in living room, or dining room. Javanese believe that loro blonyo presence creates positive feel. As written various source that culture philosophy explains how human’s relation to nature, can be living things or non-living things and if cared well, there will be something good in return.

Loro blonyo is representative of family life between husband and wife as beautiful relationship in harmony.