Goa (Cave) Rancang Kencono, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Goa Rancang Kencono is located in Bleberan village, Gunungkidul. Yogyakarta. Acording to book of Mozaik Pustaka Budaya Yogyakarta, Gua Rancang Kencono is one of ancient cave as Braholo cave located in Rongkon district, according to artifact and bones found there. This cave is wide with estimated 2 hundreds years Terminalia edulis tree, and used as hideaway of Mataram knights and to arrange strategy to get rid of the Dutch from Kasultanan Yogyakarta Hadiningrat. As the later mentioned use, this cave is named as Gua Rancang Kencono.

To enter the cave, one should descend stone steps that was there since long time ago. A Terminalia edulis that is higher than the cave ceiling welcomes visitors. The cave has a yard that can be used as meeting room. Stalactite decorates ceiling and there are many dead stalactites already. Beside the spacious chamber, there is a dark  narrow room, and to enter this room we should pass through a narrow crack by ducking.

On the other side, there is a tunnel that connects Gua Rancang Kencono with Sri Gethuk Waterfall. To enter this chamber, we should duck as the ceiling is very low. According to the local management, the tunnel has already collapse that it can not be explored. When night comes, Gua Rancang Kencono is showered by garden light, creating a comfy atmosphere with sounds of night bugs .