Air Terjun (Waterfall) Sri Gethuk (Slempretan), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sri Gethuk Waterfall or Slempret waterfall is very unique as it has branches on a cliff and appear through cars dry carst. This waterfall height is 80 meters and located at Oyo river. There are 3 spring spurt near the waterfall, Dung Poh, Ngandong and Ngumbul waterfall.

Sri Gethuk derives from locals belief in the past, that gamelan sound often heard from the waterfall, and they believed that it was owned by the Slempret king of goblin, Anggo  Mendura who loves gamelan music. It said that the waterfall was the location of ghost market, in certain nights, locals hear slompret or trumpet from the waterfall direction. But if the sound is heard from closer distance, it will be gone. That was why people call it Slempret Waterfall. In legend, the gamelan instrument that is invisible can be borrowed by powerful people and can be played as normal gamelan instrument. In local legend also, there are few places to sabe gamelan of Anggo Menduro such as Mergangsan and Sri Gethuk. Mergangsan is located beneath Oyo River and called as Mergangsan as it was used to save gongso or gamelan. And Sri Gethuk or Sri Kethuk is called so as it is the place where Anggo Menduro save Kethuk instrument.

This waterfall is located in Menggoran village, Bleberan, Playen, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. This waterfall is not far from Rancang Kencono cave.

Gamelan sound from the waterfall is heard especially on rainy or dry season. To reach the waterfall, visitors should pass narrow path in the middle of rice field for 450 meters and then descend a stairs. It is available to take gethek, or traditional bamboo boat equipped with water mill to get to the waterfall. This is a relatively new attraction, and just launch in 1 July 2010, that the infrastructure in this site is not adequate yet.