Candi Kethek, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Kethek is located 500 meters from Candi Cetho. But the access to this temple is not that good, only narrow path with pine trees. This could be a good place for someone who loves nature and adventure. Kethek derives from local people belief that that the upper part of the temple resembles hanoman, a white monkey (kethek), in Ramayana Epic.

Candi Kethek is a Hindu temple as other temples on the foot of Mt Lawu. Candi kethek design is punden berundak, terraces, in various sizes and grown by grass. Partly this temple is still buried under soil, and located in the middle of lush pine trees. This temple is estimated to be constructed in the 15th century, though it was discovered in 1842, the restoration was held in 2005. And excavation is still done until today to seek for artefact or inscription.

Candi Kethek has 7 terraces, there are 20 steps on the first terrace stairs. It said that when the restoration was ongoing, found small turtle statue on each entrance stairs steps. Turtle is the symbol of Wisnu. Turtle statues are also found in Candi Sukuh and Candi Cetho.

Roof of Candi Kethek is gone and now the temple is completed with altar painted in gold. And the altar is used by Hindus as shrine.