Api Abadi Madura, Eternal Flame at Pamekasan, Madura Island, East Java

One of tourist attraction in Madura is located at Larangan Tokol village, Tlanakan, Pamekasan, 4 km south of Pamekasan. This place is very unique as there are only 2 places like this in Indonesia, an eternal flame. This flame is always on even in rain, the flame is circled by fence. This flame is located in middle of private land.

Once upon a time there was a boy learning Islam, his name was Hadagi and then he propagated Islam in Larangan Tokol village. For his knowledge people gave him nick name Ki Moko. Ki Moko married to a girl from Palembang and the dowry was fish eye he found in river, it was cat fish or juko ketteng in Madurese. When he dedicated the fish eye to his bride, the eye turned to be a pearl. On the wedding party, as it was dark, Ki Moko stick his cane to the ground. Miraculously, fire appear and that became eternal flame that we can see until today.

The flame region contains of sulfur and as it react with O2, resulting flame. There are two site where the flame appear, they are called as Apoy lake (Male Flame) and Apoy Bine (Female Flame). Not far from there there is a water that contains sulfur, but it was gone.

yang sebenarnya cukup unik tersebut.