Gunung Rahtawu: Rich of Sites from Mahabarata Epic, Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia

Behind this strange name, it has mysterious image and this mountain is popular as Wukir Rahtawu and the peak is Puncak 29/ Songolikur

Rahtawu is actually name of village on slope of Mt Muria, Gebog regency, and for Kudus locals, this mountain keeps mystery. For more than 30 years, Rahtawu was a name of isolated village, cars could not access the village. People should walk on foot for 5 km from Menawan village.

Though the location is not easily accessed, Rahtawu has its own attraction for pilgrims. Rahtawu is rich of wayang /mahabharata characters traces. They are Eyang Sakri, Lokajaya, Pandu, Palasara, Jonggring Saloko and Songolikur peak. This site is interesting for pilgrims from Java. In Rahtawu location, there was a taboo thing to do : performin shadow puppet show or wayang. Though there were many traves from Mahabarata, performing this show that usually plays Ramayana or Mahabharata is prohibited and no one break this. It said that if they break this, there will be disaster. So usually locals perform tayub.

Locals said that Rahtawu means scattered blood ¬†(javanese). According to a myth, Wukir Rahtawu was the meditation site of Resi Manumayasa till Begawan Abiyoso, the ancestor of Pandawa knights. According to chronicle, Javanese kings’ ancestor were from Bharata dynasty.