Dieng Double Sunrise Phenomenon

Dieng Plateau, a plateau located in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. In this plateau visitors can enjoy two times sunrise in the same morning, silver and golden sunrise. For this double sunrise tour, you should depart early morning. You can stay overnight at Wonosobo or Dieng Plateau for this.

If you stay overnight in Wonosobo, whether in the city area or outside the city,  it is possible to depart at 04.45 from hotel head to Setieng view point which is located 1700 m asl. From here you can enjoy a very nice and tranquil scenery early in the morning of village, hills, river and agriculture land. Around 6 o’clock the golden sunrise will rise after beautiful color of horizon. Mt Merapi is visible from here. The best time to see sunrise in Dieng Plateau is around May to August, when dry season rules.

After the golden sunrise, then proceed to Dieng Plateau, where oldest Hindu temples in Java located. This plateau is 2100 m asl with cold temperature. The silver sunrise appears from behind a hill. The silver light showers the plateau that sometimes misty and yield a mysterious nuance.

If you stay overnight at Dieng Plateau you can trek to Gunung  Sikunir (2350) to see the the golden sunrise.

Dieng Double Sunrise Tour 3 Days/2Nights
Overland Tour with Dieng Double Sunrise