Rafting in East Java

Kasembon / Sumberdandang River Rafting
Kasembon Rafting is located at Bayem village, Kasembon, Malang regency. From Malang city only takes 45 minus drive, 1 hour from Kediri.
The infrastructure is well enough with direction and Kasembon also equipped with lodge. Kalidandang river used for rafting activity is 7.5 km and for beginner can be completed in 2 hours. Rafting route starts in bayem village-Bejirejo-Sepundah and ends at Mangir village. Those villages are still located inside Kasembon district.
Unlike other rafting trip, Kasembon offers different sensation as it has beautiful view, surrounded by mountains, sawah, and sunset panorama in the afternoon. The river stream (Sumberdandang River)  has 5 canals with height of 3 to 3 meters, suitable for beginners or pros.
Passing on rubber boat through rapis, you can scream out loud to release stress. Rafting is good for health as rafting increase lung capacity, strength, and muscle stamina, plus shoulder and hip joints flexibility.

Kaliwatu / Brantas River Rafting

Kaliwatu Rafting is located at Batu city, and suitable for beginners. The rive of for this activity is Brantas river. The trip offers grade II. Along the trip you can enjoy village life through rice paddy field, vegetables. The management offer professional crews to cater children to adult for fun rafting adventure.

Kromong River Rafting
Kromong rafting is located in Pacet, east of Mojokerto city. Pacet is located on a high land, 600 meters asl that it is popular as weekend hideaway for Surabaya city visitors. The rafting and outbound area covers 2 hectares suitable for various outdoor activities. Kromong river used for rafting activity is 6 km long with 40 deg gradient from grade II and III with approximately 70 rapids and can be done for 3 hours. There are 2 dams of 3 meters high. This rafting trip is a mix of nature and artificial rafting adventure.

Kediri / Konto River Rafting
Kediri Raftinf is employed Konto River, with 6 km length starts from Brumbung village to Damarwulan village. The stream and water volume is sufficient for rafting activity. The water flows to Selorejo dam. Huge rocks, cliff are decorating along the river edge, vreating a majestic view of nature.

Pekalen River Rafting
Pekalen River located 25 km from Probolinggo, and stretches from Tiris to Maron and Gading district. Stream that can be employed for rafting is 29 km long and divided into 2 sections, Upper Pekalen (12 KM), Middle Pekalem (7 KM) and Lower Pekalen (10 KM).
The river is winding and it has cliff, nice panorama, many rapids of grade II, III and higher, very exotic and challenging, waterfall, bats cave and endanger Javan eagle, orioles, monkeys, monitor lizards, linsang, squirrels etc.