Grajagan Beach, Gate to Plengkung/G-Land, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

Grajagan beach is located 52 km southward of Banyuwangi city, East Java, Indonesia. The position is very strategic that this beach is the gate to Plengkung or G Land beach. There are human made caves located on high place where we can see all the beach area.

The length of southern part of Banyuwangi has a breathtaking nature with lines of mountains, plantation, beaches, and ocean. The beautiful beaches are Grajagan, Plengkung, Ngagelan, Triangulasi, and Pancur beach.

Grajagan is an ideal transit or main gate to reach Plengkung beach.  The location is not far from Alas Purwo National Park. It takes 2 hours to stroll along the beach using boat, almost same as drive through bumpy road inside the national park.

Grajagan is another option for visitors to Alas Purwo. The area covers 314 hectares on south of Banyuwangi, and notably located in Grajagan village, Purwoharjo, Banyuwangi.

Visitors can stay overnight at lodges in this beach. Seeing fishermen activities in the morning can be an interesting attraction. There are 3 Japan caves located here built in the second world war. Grajagan beach is accessible by private transportation or even public transportation. From Grajagan it is available to take boat to Alas Purwo national Park and visit other pristine beaches such as Ngagelan beach with its tutle or Gland beach.