Tugu (Monument) Malang, East Java, Indonesia

In front of Malang Mayor city hall, there is a round big garden where Tugu Monument, landmark of Malang stands. This garden is rich of beautiful and colorful flowers. It was Dutch that built the city of Malang with various city plans.  This monument is in Bouwplan II that was included in city expansion or Gouverneur-Generaal buurt known as Alun-alun Bunder and completed with fountain and pool in the middle of it. Monument Tugu garden was former garden of Governor of East Indies Jan Pietersen Zoen Coen that is surrounded by beautiful garden with lotus. There are old trembesi trees grow here.

This monument was erected in 1950 and officially opened by President Soekarno. The Mayor of that period planned to built Independence Monument of Malang City, and then the construction was started in August 17 1946. This monument was signed by President Soekarno and AG Soeroto, the comitee of monument construction. When it was 95 complete, suddenlt Clash I hit Malang and the monument was destructed to ruins by Dutch in 23 December 1948. Dutch considered that the monument is manifestation of Malang people spirit.

In July 9th 1950, Malang formed a new comitee to rebuild the monument and it was finished in 20 May 1953 and opened by President Soekarno. In 1990s Tugu Monument is known as Alun-alun Bunder (Bunder= round shape) or Alun Alun Tugu or Taman Tugu.

Monument Tugu is shape of sharpened bamboo. This bamboo delineate weapon used by Indonesian to fight against Dutch and sacrificed their life to gain independence. The chain is the symbol of Indonesia united in one spirit to gain independence that can not be separated. The stairs feature 4 and 5 corners delineate year when Indonesia gained independence. Star with 4 levels and 17 bases delineate date and month of Indonesia Independence. The monument is located in the mid of pond that is decorated with lotus flowers of white and red color, symbolize courage and purity of the heroes. On the bamboo length, there is Indonesian map and face of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta reading proclamation text.

Tugu garden covers 11.923 m2 , on Jalan Tugu, in front of Malang city Mayor office and surrounded by Hotel Splendid, Military Houses, old school and many more.