Snorkeling at Papuma Bay, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

One of the attractions can be enjoyed in Papuma Bay is seeing underwater panorama. Snorkeling in Papuma is also available for ones that are not used to snorkeling or even swimming. As visitor will be favored to swim and taken to snorkeling area using oxygen, glasses, life vest to swim to see the beauty of underwater of Papuma. There are various of coral reef with school of fishes, molusca and the condition is still pristine.

In June 2011, Tanjung Papuma co-op with divers community of Gajah Mada University, undertook survey to find our coral reef, diversity, marine life, wind, stream and wave, salinity and topography of sea bottom and etc. The survey result was expected to obtain elaborate information for diving and snorkeling development.

According to the survey, Papuma ecosystem is still natural and pristine. There are many rare fishes as the indicator of the ecosystem and habitat completeness. The survey will be published. But as Papuma is located on the southern sea of Java that is classified as dangerous for divers, so recommended pro divers to dive in Papuma. Southern sea of Java has strong stream and underwater current.